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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Sunday, April 12

I list some good options for Sunday.

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day.

P- Carlos Martinez vs. Cincinnati Reds, $7,300

Martinez is a monster talent with the pure stuff to rack up a lot of strikeouts. He sits in the mid 90s with his fastball, topping out over 100 mph, and mixes in an excellent curve to get a lot of swings and misses. His one Achilles heel has been left handed batters, but he's been working on improving his change up all offseason and spring. If he can mix in an effective change up to lefties, he has breakout written all over him, and this will be key in facing LHBs Joey Votto and Jay Bruce. His opponent is Raisel Iglesias, who ZiPS projects to have an ERA around 5, making Martinez the favorite to get the win in this matchup. The low price, high strikeout potential and good odds to get the win makes him one of my favorite choices for tomorrow.

1B- Freddie Freeman vs. Bartolo Colon, $3,700

I'm going back to the Freddie Freeman well again today. I listed him as one of my choices yesterday against Dillon Gee and Freeman cashed in with a first at bat home run. Freeman destroys below average RHP, and Colon fits that profile. Colon needs to be pinpoint with his location to have success, leaving little room for error and often leading to a lot of hard contact.

OF- Bryce Harper vs. Sean O'Sullivan, $4,000

Harper has clobbered righties in his career (139 wRC+), and this number is even more impressive because the bulk of it was done as a 19-22 year old. Harper will continue to develop this year through natural progression, and Sean O'Sullivan is projected by ZiPS to have an ERA over 5. Philly is also an easy park to score runs in. I expect Harper to feast on O'Sullivan with lots of hard contact.

OF- Andre Ethier vs. Josh Collmenter, $2,300

Ethier is expected to be in the lineup tomorrow against RHP Josh Collmenter. I like Ethier for a few reasons. 1, Chase Field is a launching pad; 2, Josh Collmenter is significantly below average as a pitcher; and 3, Ethier is an above average to significantly above average hitter against RHP (career 138 wRC+ against RHP, although it fell to 102 last year in a much smaller sample). Choosing Ethier at this dirt cheap price allows you to invest more money elsewhere.

C- Yasmani Grandal vs. Josh Collmenter, $3,000

I like Grandal for similar reasons as Ethier. Collmenter is poor, Chase Field is a great hitters environment, and Grandal hits RHP to a career 126 wRC+. He also has been hitting fifth in the Dodgers lineup.

3B- David Wright vs. Alex Wood, $3,700

Wright is back to something near his old self after healing his shoulder injury this offseason. He clobbers LHP (career 167 wRC+ vs LHP), and Wood's FIP is a full run higher against RHB than LHB (3.32 vs. 2.38).

OF- John Mayberry Jr. vs. Alex Wood, $2,500

Like David Wright, Mayberry is going to be a strong value play against all LHP this season. The Mets will be slotting him 3rd in the order against them, and Mayberry is a lefty masher (career 132 wRC+ against LHP).

Follow me on Twitter at @TimFinn521, I usually tweet out more good options as lineups are released.