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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball picks for Saturday, April 11

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Reminder: Always double check the lineup card before rosters lock to make sure that a player you've chosen to roster is playing that day.

1B- Freddie Freeman vs. Dillon Gee, $3,800

Gee has been trashed by left handed batters in the last two years (5.10 FIP in 2014, 4.83 FIP in 2013) and Freeman has big platoon splits that favor facing RHP (150 wRC+ in 2014, 164 wRC+ in 2013). The combination of Gee's poor performance vs. lefties and Freeman's strong performance vs. righties amplifies the effect. I expect Freeman to have multiple hard hit balls vs. Gee.

OF- Melky Cabrera vs. Mike Pelfrey, $2,800

Cabrera has been batting second in the order in front of Jose Abreu and hit RHP to a 128 wRC+ last year. Pelfrey has a career 4.71 FIP against lefties and his last full season, 2013, was similar at 4.31. Cabrera has strong odds at racking up hits and scoring runs.

P- James Shields vs. San Francisco Giants, $9,200

Shields is facing a weak hitting Giants club that will be without Brandon Belt, and PetCo is one of the best pitching environments in the game. Madison Bumgarner pitches for the Giants, but Bumgarner is mortal against RHB (3.53 FIP last year against them) and the Padres are loaded with good right handed batters, improving the odds of Shields winning a decision.

OF- Khris Davis vs. Vance Worley, $2,600

Davis' ridiculously cheap price makes this play appealing. I write this often when speaking of Davis, but I think he's very similar to Yoenis Cespedes offensively. Worley is a below average pitcher and Miller Park is a nice target for April games for hitters. Davis hits fifth and will receive plenty of RBI chances from that slot.

OF- Leonys Martin vs. Roberto Hernandez, $3,000

Martin hits RHP much better than LHP and he's facing one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball in a friendly run scoring environment in Texas. Martin is also batting in the leadoff spot for the Rangers and will be in good position to score runs and steal bases.

Cubs hitters vs. Kyle Kendrick in Coors Field

Kendrick is one of the least effective pitchers in the game and he's pitching in the worst environment possible for pitchers. Kendrick doesn't really have platoon splits the last 3 seasons, so RHB would be equally as effective as LHB. Leadoff hitter Dexter Fowler is affordable at $3,500.

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