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Tout Wars Auction Weekend Details

Ray is participating the the Tout Wars NL only auction league on Sunday morning, but here is the rest of the Tout Wars auction schedule for this weekend in New York City.

It is a big auction draft weekend for me, as I have two home league auctions in New York City today, the NL auction at 12:00 ET and the AL auction at 5pm ET. Then tomorrow, I will be participating in the Tout Wars NL only league auction with the likes of Mike Gianella, Tristan Cockroft (reigning champ), and others.

But, there are several Tout Wars auction drafts happening today, and here is the full schedule:

The Tout Wars auctions (and Tout X draft) are being hosted at City Crab, a restaurant on the corner of 19th Street and Park Avenue South in New York City. You can visit us there.

The Tout AL, NL and Mixed Auctions (with Tout X coverage) will be covered live, on site, by SiriusXM radio.

With a live chatroom and spreadsheet from the auctions at

The official schedule of Tout Wars events

Saturday 9am (March 21): Tout Wars AL Auction, City Crab

Saturday 3pm (March 21): Tout Wars Mixed Auction, City Crab

Saturday 4pm (March 21): Tout Wars X draft/auction, City Crab

Saturday 8pm (March 21): Party at Foleys! (18 West 33rd Street, NY). Guinness will be etching glasses!


Sunday 10am (March 22): Tout Wars NL Auction, City Crab

Below is a full list of the experts I will be drafting with on Sunday morning:

The number in parenthesis is the amount of FAAB each team starts with. Reserve order and FAAB budget are based on Tout Wars rules.

Tristan Cockcroft (100) 2012, 2013, 2014 Champion
Steve Gardner (100)
Phil Hertz (100)
Mike Gianella (100)
Derek Carty (100)
Ray Guilfoyle (100) Transfer from Mixed Auction
Lenny Melnick (100)
Todd Zola (93)
Brian Walton (93)
Peter Kreutzer (92)
Scott Wilderman (89)
Gene McCaffrey (86)

You can follow along on Sirius XM Fantasy Radio, at the Tout Wars site where they will be hosting a live chat during the drafts, and at RT Sports.