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Bobman's NBA Compendium: Week 17

A miscellany of Fantasy Basketball highlights from Week 17 in the NBA...

Chris Bosh (right) wishes his teammates luck without him. He's out for the season...
Chris Bosh (right) wishes his teammates luck without him. He's out for the season...
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to make some tough decisions.

Depending on your league, you're likely about 3/4 weeks away from the Fantasy playoffs.

It's time to decide if stashing Paul George makes sense for your team strategy.

How close are you to the playoffs?

If you're basically already guaranteed a playoff seed, you can start looking at playoff week schedules - and injured players that are a couple weeks away. If you're currently just outside the playoffs, you've gotta be firmly in win-now mode. If you're out of the playoffs in a keeper/dynasty league, it's time to start piling up the young assets/trading the short-term assets.

Different strategies for different situations. It's impossible to address all the scenarios, but I do have one piece of general advice: Always play to win this year. I think it's better to win a championship this year than stack your team for next year. Player values change wildly depending on situation, so that idyllic world you see in your head for next season likely does not exist in space and time...

So consistent with the idea of staying in the moment, let's focus on the Fantasy Basketball climate as it stands today...


Chris Bosh, MIA, PF/C

Chris Bosh just got a freak injury.

I mean, I think it's an injury. A blood clot really just sounds like something made up, but apparently it's extremely serious.

Life comes first and all that, but from a Fantasy Basketball perspective, you're probably pretty bummed if you own the player formerly known as CB4 anywhere.

So who picks up the slack?

Hassan Whiteside is the obvious answer, but no way he is available in your FA pool. When D Wade is healthy, he's gonna beast. And as I wrote about here, Goran Dragic could be in beast mode the rest of the season.

None of those studs are likely available though, so where is the unexpected value coming from?

Well, in deep leagues, consider Shabazz Napier. He's starting to get more touches, and could have sneaky value the rest of the season. It's possible Udonis Haslem could pick up some of the power forward slack, but I don't see him as a major Fantasy asset.

More than likely, Bosh's considerable numbers will be incorporated into team usage. No one player replacing him, but everybody's numbers should get a slight bump. That probably doesn't make you feel better as a Bosh owner, but if you own him in a keeper/dynasty, the good news is that he should be fine for next season...

Stephen Curry, GS, PG/SG

It's only minor apparently, but I don't like the fact that it's his ankle.

Curry's ankle problems are well-documented, and have cost this budding superstar entire seasons of production already.

As he's the best Fantasy Basketball player on the planet, you just have to hold your breath and pray if you own him. He's irreplaceable.

While not an astute analysis, I thought I'd let any owners currently living under rocks know that life without Curry in the Fantasy playoffs is a possibility - however remote.

Don't panic, but pay attention. Curry's wobbly ankles could dictate your entire season...

Kevin Durant, OKC, SF/PF

He's only supposed to be out a week, but KD's lingering health issues are a big reason I avoided him in the Yahoo Friends & Family league. I took Chris Paul over Durant precisely because I was worried about relapses.

Injuries have a habit of affecting other parts of the body, and creating other injuries all over the place.

If you own KD in a 1-year league, it might be worth shopping him around.

There's risk here.

Durant might be his usual self precisely when you need him, but he could also be injured - or less productive (due to nagging injuries).

I personally can't sign off on Kevin Durant being a productive asset in the Fantasy Basketball playoffs.

If I owned him in a 1-year league, I would probably trade him. It's ballsy, but Durant is looking like one of the most volatile assets of the 2014/15 season...

Yahoo Friends and Family league update:

Speaking of the aforementioned Yahoo F & F league, I thought I'd give a little update.

I'm currently in 2nd place, and it's looking very likely that I have secured a playoff spot.

Of course, when you play against the best Fantasy Basketball writers in the world, it's far from a guarantee. But with only a few weeks to go, it's looking good...

In summation, there's no point holding a stud in a 1-year league if it's gonna cost you a playoff spot. Now is precisely the time where holding onto the long term view is not a prudent course of action.

Unless, of course, you clinched a playoff spot in December.

I hate people like you.