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NBA Trade Deadline Report

A Fantasy Basketball analysis of all the NBA trades that went down on deadline day...

Goran Dragic's value just increased big time.
Goran Dragic's value just increased big time.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

So that was unexpected.

In one of the NBA's busiest trade deadline days ever, the entire league got flipped on its head.

I was expecting a few minor deals, maybe a couple big ones.

But yesterday's flurry of activity went way beyond expectations.

I can't recap all the trades - although here is a pretty good resource - but I will analyze the Fantasy value of the highest-usage guys available.

With that said, this exercise is slightly predictive. Some teams have been shaken to their core, so watch those box scores over the next couple games. Some real gems will emerge out of nowhere, and some big surprises could really affect the upcoming Fantasy playoffs...

Let's start.

The trade principals:

Goran Dragic to the Heat.

Dragic went from being perhaps the most underutilized asset in the NBA to a focal point in the Heat offense. With D-Wade in and out of the lineup incessantly, and rumours of a Chris Bosh shutdown, Dragic has 1st/2nd round performance potential. He was an incredibly efficient scorer for Phoenix last season, and if given the green light, he could be the biggest beneficiary in the NBA from yesterday's madness...

Michael Carter-Williams to Milwaukee.

MCW owners are going to take a hit here. While the Bucks did ship out their #1 scoring option in Brandon Knight, no way Carter-Williams is gonna get the long leash he had in Philly. His defensive skills will fit right into Jason Kidd's system, but expect his usage to drop way down. Also in that deal, the Bucks acquired 2014 NBA draft pick PG Tyler Ennis. Under a future HOF point guard coach like J-Kidd, that transaction could have been more significant than people realize. In dynasty leagues, scoop up Tyler Ennis. Call that a hunch.

Reggie Jackson to Detroit.

While D.J. Augustin's value just plummeted significantly by being dealt to OKC, Reggie Jackson has just been reborn. Reggie had a breakout year when Westbrook was injured earlier in the year, and as the Pistons' starting PG (presumably), he could be a real beast the rest of the season... He's probably gone in any competitive league you play in, but he's a guy you really want to grab in preparation for the playoffs.

Isaiah Thomas to the Celtics.

Thomas could just be the star that Boston needs to build around. While Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart owners will likely lose value here, Isaiah Thomas owners can party with Gronk. On a team looking for an identity, they may have found it with this diminutive scorer. While I have no idea what Phoenix has been thinking for a couple seasons now, Boston just got a steal...

Thaddeus Young to Brooklyn.

In real life, he could help Brooklyn make some noise in the playoffs. In Fantasy though, likely a buzzkill. There are other mouths to feed on the Nets, but Young might get a chance to get similar usage. Brooklyn is a team in transition, so it's unclear if Thaddeus will start or come off the bench. I'd probably rank him a little lower than his days on Minnesota, but he'll still get touches either way.

Arron Afflalo to Portland.

Afflalo's Fantasy value is going to take a big hit. He's going from essentially being The Man to being a 4th/5th option - and possibly even coming off the bench. He'll still have some value in this system, but he'll be nowhere near as beastly as his Denver/Orlando days...

There's lots more players involved in all the trade deadline deals obviously, but I'd have to write a novel in order to analyze every single player transaction that happened yesterday.

I'll give some love to the T-Wolves and Pistons for the nostalgic acquisitions of Kevin Garnett and Tayshaun Prince. And I'm definitely giving hate to Phoenix for the stupidest collection of assets this season (was every player on their roster a PG?) and Philadelphia for turning every intriguing player on their roster into a future draft pick.

Good thing you can't add/drop team management.

Aside from that, it was an exciting day to be a Fantasy Basketball manager.

Hopefully you didn't get screwed too hard yesterday.

But it could be worse: You could be a Knicks fan.