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NBA Post-All Star Break Report.

A short update on the NBA...

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Get used to seeing Carmelo Anthony in his pimp hat. Cuz he won't be playing...
Get used to seeing Carmelo Anthony in his pimp hat. Cuz he won't be playing...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The players took a week off.

So I did too.

Much like life, everything happens at the same time. After a 1-week hiatus from your Fantasy Basketball team, you're faced with the knowledge that today @ 3pm EST, your Fantasy Basketball team's value could change wildly.

Today is the trade deadline in the NBA, and many big-time players are in trade rumours right now:

Goran Dragic

Brook Lopez

Reggie Jackson

Ty Lawson

etc etc

Could be smoke & mirrors, or some marquee players could switch teams today. If any big moves go down, I will likely create a bonus article in the next couple days. Stay tuned...


Carmelo Anthony, NY, SF

The biggest news to go down during the All-Star break is that Melo is out for the rest of the season. With Amar'e Stoudamire off to the Mavs, major usage is available on this roster.

With that said, I do expect New York's roster to change wildly over the course of the next several hours. For now, I'd look at Tim Hardaway Jr, Jason Smith and Cleanthony Early to pick up the slack. But trades could change the plan in a hurry...

I'm gonna end today's mini article there - since I'm gonna write a lot more once the trade deadline passes.

But stay tuned all day, friends. Some big changes could be coming...