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FanDuel NBA DFS best bets for December 9th.

Predicting today's top performers for every position...

John Wall is on fire right now...
John Wall is on fire right now...
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I've gotten in the habit of recommending the best DFS value pick for each position.

But the best VALUE is not always the best PERFORMER.

In an effort to mix it up, I'm going to identify the NBA players I think are most likely to lead their positions in daily output.

Obviously you can only add as budget allows, but as much as finding bargains is part of a successful DFS strategy, so is identifying which players are worth spending the extra money...

Let's begin.

John Wall, WAS, PG ($9200)

Wall has been an absolute beast lately. Over his last 5 games, Wall is scoring 28 PPG ON 63% from the field, 9.4 AST, 4.4 REB, 3 STL.

This is more commonly referred to as "the zone".

While John Wall is clicking on all cylinders, he's a MUST-ADD.

James Harden, HOU, SG ($10,800)

You can't do better than Harden in your 2-guard slot.

He was pretty terrible last game, but that was a minor blip on the radar. Even though Harden's FG% is always low, he's probably the best in the NBA at getting consistent counting stats across the board. He's the most expensive guy on this list, but also the most predictable...

Nicolas Batum, CHA, SF ($7500)

Batum has put up some crazy numbers this season. In fact, at 17 PPG, he's scoring more than he ever has. He contributes all across the board, but those scoring numbers have really pushed him to the next level as a Fantasy asset. He works in any strategy, and at $7500, a case could be made that Batum is also a VALUE pick.

Derrick Favors, UTA, PF ($8300)

Favors recently scored a career high 35 points. I'm not shocked by this, since Favors is averaging career highs in scoring (17.3 PPG) and rebounding (9.0). After so many years in the league, it's incredible to fathom that Favors is only 24 years old!

This is a perpetually increasing asset, and he's capable of more and more every game... You're going to see this guy's name a lot in the next decade... Try him tonight.

Andre Drummond, DET, C ($9200)

Drummond has been worth the price of admission.

Rebounding at a video game rate of 16.5 boards/game (a career high), Andre is also putting up career highs in scoring (18) and steals (1.9). He's a lock for an eye-popping double double every night - and 20/20 games are becoming more common than not...

He'll never be a great FT shooter (he's actually getting worse), but who cares? You're getting beastly production everywhere else.

If you can afford him, he won't disappoint.

So that's 5 guys worth paying for (if possible). You're obviously not going to be able to afford ALL of them, but a needed mix of dependability and risk is the formula you are looking for in the daily fantasy sports realm...

But take a shower first.

You stink.

A friend always tells the truth.