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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for December 7th.

1 deal at every position...

Jrue Holiday: How much talent is left in this little man?
Jrue Holiday: How much talent is left in this little man?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We're cutting it close, but that's the story of every success.

That's not true.

But we can do this.

Let's start.

Jrue Holiday, NO, PG ($5000)

Fantasy vets remember when Jrue was a set-it-and-forget-it lock. Injuries have derailed his career, but there is still a phenomenal talent locked up in there... After missing yet more time to injuries, Jrue is starting to return to his old ways.  Last game he scored 13 points on 5/10 shooting - with 7 REB, 5 AST & 2 STL. I'm banking on this being the beginning of his road to recovery... If he ever gets healthy again, this is All-Star talent.

O.J. Mayo, MIL, SG ($4100)

Great price for a guy who scored 17 on 8/12 shooting last game. Also 3 REB & 5 AST. He's streaky, but looks pretty focused right now. Milwaukee does strange things with their rotation players - so there is no guarantee - but after getting 35 minutes of run last game, I'm thinking he's got a long leash tonight. For $4100, he's a real bargain tonight.

T.J. Warren, PHX, SF ($4200)

I hate going back and forth between T.J. Warren and P.J. Tucker, but I have to advise you properly. They are taking turns scoring beastly returns on a rebuilding Phoenix squad - and there's plenty of value here. Tucker has been the better player recently, but like I said, they seem to take turns. I'm rolling the dice on T.J. tonight. It's been awhile since we've seen serious numbers from him, and I think that means a breakout game is coming...

Frank Kaminsky, CHA, PF ($3500)

Had a career high 16 points 2 games ago, then had a real stinker against the Bulls (2 points in 10 minutes). He's a real risk, but he's minimum salary - and Al Jefferson is still injured. Call this is a hunch (as I have no real evidence to support my belief), but there are frontcourt minutes available - and Kaminsky has the perfect skill set for Fantasy Basketball. If you're screwed for dough, give this rookie a whirl...

Alex Len, PHX, C ($3900)

I could probably just write [insert Phoenix Suns here] every DFS article, but on a team of random performers, there is value to be had... He's close to averaging a double double the last 4 games (with 2 BLK). Really liking the way he's emerging... I would ride this hot hand unless/until his minutes completely disappear. Breakout year could be on its way...

So that's 5 guys I like that won't cost you an Isiah Thomas GM budget (which means a LOT).

If you win, you're buying me beers.

Just deal with it.