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Week 13 FanDuel GPP Lineup: Parker's Time To Shine

Robert is back to give you a GPP lineup he is using on Sunday.

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FanDuel: New Players Only Week 13 Fantasy Football League

Many of you play in season-long fantasy football leagues, while more and more of you are playing one day fantasy leagues. If you like the action of the one day leagues, make sure you join the FanDuel/SB Nation one day fantasy football leagues. All you need to do is click on the link below and join a league.

Enter the Week 13 New Players Only Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
  • Top HALF of teams win $6
  • Bottom HALF gets full $3 refund
  • Immediate cash payouts
  • Salary cap format - pick who you want

FanDuel/SB Nation Fantasy Football League: Week 13

Time to reveal one of my GPP lineups I am using on Sunday. Went with a couple of players who are talented, and couldn't resist going with the same stack I wrote about last week.

Eli Manning $7,600 and Odell Beckham Jr. $9,400:

So I am going with this stack for a second straight week here. Last week it started out looking rough, as Manning threw 3 interceptions in as many quarters. Once the Giants offense got desperate, they went back to what works, throwing the ball to Odell Beckham Jr. This is something I expect to happen again in this game, and with the Giants facing the Jets, they will need to throw the ball to keep up. The Jets are playing without Revis, which means that Beckham's job just got a lot easier. Points will be scored in this game, expect some big things out of this duo.

DeVante Parker $5,200:

I can't quit this guy. He was my big sleeper for the season, only to see him let me down more than anyone else did. He started out the year hurt, then was getting more and more run in the offense. Then Parker injured his foot again, forcing him to sit out for awhile. Now Rishard Matthews is the one who is hurt, and Parker is healthy. Parker will be starting opposite of Jarvis Landry this week, and against the Ravens defense, he will have plenty of opportunity to break some big plays. This pick is the riskiest of them all, but I just love his natural skills, and with him about to see another week of being on the field almost every snap, the breakout game looks to be here.

DeAngelo Williams $7,200:

When you are a RB who is on the field for 95% of the plays, good things will happen. When I first saw that he was on the field for that many snaps I though it was an error. Then I remembered back to the game and realized he didn't come off the field. While the Steelers are a pass first team, when you are constantly on the field in a high tempo offense, you can have big games. We have seen that already happen twice this year with Williams, and I think a third one will be in order here. If the Steelers find themselves in goal to go situations, Williams will be punching those in. I think he has the opportunity for over 100 yards and 2 TD's in this game.

Javorius Allen $6,800:

This may not be one player who shows a lot of upside, but the matchup does. With the price savings you will be getting here, you can pay up for a defense, and get a slightly better receiver then you may have planned. Allen looked good on Monday night. If the Ravens start to use him more out of the backfield as a receiver, we could see a big game out of him against a weak Dolphins defense.

Alshon Jeffery $7,700:

Where else is Jay Cutler going to throw the ball? Exactly Jeffery is the only guy, and has been great when healthy. Well Jeffery is healthy again, and he hasn't had that monster game yet. This could end up being that monster game as the Bears face the 49ers. While the return of Forte may worry some people, Jeffery still saw 11 targets last week with Forte playing. Jeffery can get 7 receptions with 11 targets, which can then culminate in 150 yards and 2 TD's if everything goes right. That is the kind of upside I am hoping for with this pick.

Travis Kelce $6,200:

Once again, the TE who is facing the Oakland Raiders. This week we see Travis Kelce facing them, a week after Delanie Walker torched this defense. Alex Smith has been throwing the ball to two guys, Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce. This week I think Kelce will have a huge game. This could be the follow up people were expecting after that outstanding first week he had. This will be a popular pick, but I don't want to miss out on someone who could be head and shoulders above the rest of the TE's.

Cincinnati Bengals $5,100:

Austin Davis is the starting QB for the Browns. Do I need to say more? Okay I will say a little bit on this. Austin Davis is a below average QB, meaning this tough defense will cause him to make mistakes. Last week the Bengals defense scored 17 points on FanDuel against Nick Foles and the Rams. I think Austin Davis is a worse QB than Nick Foles, giving prime opportunity for the Bengals to post a similar score again.

Jason Myers $4,700:

Well I had this much left to spend, so why not spend it all? Myers has kicked and made at least 3 field goals in each of the past 4 games. Over that span he has averaged just over 13 points, so I feel good about this pick. Now that I have said this watch the Jaguars score two TD's and have zero field goal opportunities, as that has been my luck with kickers in GPP's lately.