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Week 17 Quarterback Rankings

It is championship week everyone. Time to win those games, and what better way to get that started then with starting the right QB. Robert has his QB rankings for you to get that championship trophy for you.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I will be filling in for Jacob this week and giving you my QB rankings to help you win this week. I will be doing this the same way that I do the WR ranks that I post each week. First I will start with the rankings, and then give my analysis on a few of the guys. If there is another guy you want my thought process on let me know in the comments below and I will promptly respond. With this being the last week of the year, if you are looking at these rankings you are playing for the title so congrats on that. One key thing to remember is that you got to this point for a reason. This is not the time to change your process. Don't overanalyze this week, just treat it like any other week you have played, so keep that process the same. Without further ado, the last QB rankings for the 2015 season to help you guys win it all.

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Cam Newton Panthers Buccaneers
2 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers Browns
3 Tom Brady Patriots Dolphins
4 Blake Bortles Jaguars Texans
5 Ryan Fitzpatrick Jets Bills
6 Drew Brees Saints Falcons
7 Eli Manning Giants Eagles
8 Carson Palmer Cardinals Seahawks
9 Matthew Stafford Lions Bears
10 Russell Wilson Seahawks Cardinals
11 Aaron Rodgers Packers Vikings
12 Matt Ryan Falcons Saints
13 Sam Bradford Eagles Giants
14 Johnny Manziel Browns Steelers
15 Alex Smith Chiefs Raiders
16 Jay Cutler Bears Lions
17 Brock Osweiler Broncos Chargers
18 Tyrod Taylor Bills Jets
19 Brandon Weeden Texans Jaguars
20 Derrick Carr Raiders Chiefs
21 Philip Rivers Chargers Broncos
22 Teddy Bridgewater Vikings Packers
23 Jameis Winston Buccaneers Panthers
24 Ryan Mallett Ravens Bengals
25 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins Patriots
26 Blaine Gabbert 49ers Rams
27 A.J. McCarron Bengals Ravens
28 Zach Mettenberger Titans Colts
29 Kellen Moore Cowboys Redskins
30 Stephen Moore Colts Titans
31 Case Keenum Rams 49ers
32 Kirk Cousins Redskins Cowboys

Cam Newton - While you may have limped your way into the championship if you own Newton, there is a silver lining from that game last week. Because the Panthers lost last week, they are now having to fight for homefield advantage this week. This means that the Panthers will need Newton to play the entire game to secure the win. Without that loss last week, Newton probably would have only have played one half, not the entire game. The only way that Newton is pulled early from the game would be if it turns into a blowout early. If that does happen, I am sure that Newton would be the reason it is a blowout. Either way, expect one of those big games from him again.

Carson Palmer - The matchup is bad, as they are facing the Seahawks, but that doesn't keep Palmer from being inside my top 10 this week. If we have learned one thing about Palmer this year, it is that he is matchup proof. While I did knock him a little bit for the matchup, seeing that he put up a 20 point effort last time they played kept him up this high. The Seahawks defense can't defend all of the weapons that offense has at its disposal. The floor here is higher then almost all of the other options, it is just the upside is capped becuase of the matchup.

Johnny Manziel - While Manziel hasn't scored more than 13 points in his last three starts, I think this is the week where it changes. The Browns are facing the Steelers this week, a defense that struggled to defend QB's this year. Manziel showed a willingness to run again last week, rushing 11 times for over 100 yards. The Browns need to know if Manziel is the guy they want to continue to build the team around, so they will be giving him all of the opportunities on Sunday. Manziel also is playing for his NFL career at this point, as not playing well could get him traded, and then who knows if he ever becomes a starter again. The combination of that and the matchup make him one of the top streaming plays of the week. The fact that he still put up 13 points against a great Chiefs defense is good, so 13 seems like a nice floor for him in this game.

Kirk Cousins - Jay Gruden has already said that he is probably going to be resting Cousins some this week. With the banged up offensive line they have, it makes complete sense. Why would he put his QB in danger of getting hurt in a meaningless game. My guess is that Cousins plays about one quarter in this game, just to get him a couple reps. That is why he is ranked last here. Keep this note as a warning to other QB's who coaches say will probably sit some in games this weekend. I believe all of the other QB's will be safe from the early pull, but pay attention to what coaches are saying leading up to Sunday.