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Week 13 Rest of Season Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings: Rob Gronkowski Injury Makes Room for Greg Olsen

Up to date rankings of NFL TEs for the remainder of the 2015 fantasy football season before Week 13.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing makes the NFL more fun than fantasy football and few things make fantasy sports more fun than rankings, rankings, and more rankings. WRs are ranked in this post with the ESPN and Yahoo! standard fractional scoring.

Rank Player Team Last Week
1 Greg Olsen 2
2 1
3 7
4 Tyler Eifert 3
5 5
6 Washington 8
7 10
8 9
9 4
10 6
11 Jacob Tamme* 12
12 13
13 14
14 Heath Miller 15
15 16
16 Martellus Bennett* 17
17 ---
18 Bears 20
19 21
20 18
21 22
22 19
23 Eagles 28
24 49ers ---
25 Buccaneers 24
26 23
27 49ers ---
28 Packers 26
29 25
30 Chargers 27
* - notable players with increased PPR value


  • As we go down the rankings, there is an increase in the weight of strength of schedule. Where we have healthy paths to the playoffs, playoff schedules matter more than the coming weeks; where we are fighting for playoff spots, we need to get to the playoffs to even make the playoffs relevant. Check the schedules.

  • Denoting PPR value with an asterisk is mainly for deciding your flex spots where a TE is a legitimate option in your deeper PPR leagues. Otherwise, it is very difficult to justify a TE as a flex. Jacob Tamme may be the cut-off spot in 12-team leagues.

  • Julius Thomas is the primary benefactor from Allen Hurns playing hurt and ineffective. Expect consistent volume and scoring opportunities to solidify him in the top-5 with top-3 upside every week.

  • Jordan Reed is not on the injury report anymore, but wait for it.

  • Be careful with these ranks. After Jordan Reed, we may be better off streaming whomever is playing the Giants, Lions, 49ers, Seahawks, or Chargers. Definitely after Gary Barnidge.

  • Do your research and use rankings cautiously, as they are always a work-in-progress. Rankings are a bad tools to tell us what to do. They are conversation starters, tier setters, value mirrors, and a combination of the scientific explanations of what has happened with the art of predicting what will happen. Feel free to supply contrary evidence to me on Twitter at @AlexSontySBN or in the comments. They will help me help you.