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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for December 28th

1 value pick at every position...

Somehow J.J. Barea (left) became the hottest Fantasy player in the NBA...
Somehow J.J. Barea (left) became the hottest Fantasy player in the NBA...
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we got through Christmas.

Family went a little crazy, there was that bit of drama that we got through.

And the carbs. So many carbs.

After detoxing for a couple of days, New Year's is on the horizon.

Where's the party at?

You've got a couple days to figure out which option you like the most.

Until then, you've got DFS.

Let's begin.

J.J. Barea, DAL, PG ($4100)

You'll be forgiven if you didn't realize JJ Barea was a beast. With Deron Williams on the shelf, Barea has stepped up. That's an understatement. Brother is averaging 29.0 PPG the last 2 games, with 6.0 3PM AND 8.0 AST. Not sure how long this will last - and D Will could come back any day now - but while Barea has the starting gig, plug him in. He's pretty much the best PG in the NBA right now...

Nik Stauskas, PHI, SG ($3700)

He's a risk, but he's coming off a 17-point performance. He did it on 7/10 shooting, with counting stats across the board. Now here's the buzzkill: He scored ZERO points COMBINED the previous FOUR GAMES. There probably isn't a more volatile option on my list, but I'm always a firm advocate of riding the hot hand... Philly does really weird things with rotations - so a DNP CD is an option - but I think he'll get run, and there is obviously upside here. Big risk, but this college superstar can play...

Mario Hezonja, ORL, SF ($3500)

Definitely getting more run with Evan Fournier coming back to earth, but hasn't had the big breakout everyone was hoping for/expecting. His December splits are way better than November's, but his usage isn't significant yet. Still, the #5 overall pick of the loaded 2015 NBA draft has mammoth upside. He'll likely give you mediocre production as a baseline, but has explosive potential. He's going to have a huge game soon. Maybe tonight... Give him a thought.

Carl Landry, PHI, PF ($3500)

I hate recommending 76ers, but there is opportunity on a terrible team that will give ANYBODY a chance to be the hero on any given night. Carl just started playing (after returning from wrist surgery), and has averaged 13 PPG and 6.5 REB already. He scored 16 last game, so this could only be the beginning... He's only 2 games into the season, so he could fall off a cliff at any moment, but for $3500, he could also be the bargain of the night... Landry is a proven vet in this league, so I'd give him the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise...

Miles Plumlee, MIL, C ($3700)

Purely a speculative pick, I selected his name because John Henson just sustained a minor injury. Henson still might play, but I'm gonna roll the dice and slot in Plumlee as taking advantage of an opportunity... While clearly the lesser Plumlee brother, he had a 13 & 7 game (with 3 blocks) during Milwaukee's game against Golden State a couple weeks ago. He can play, but is wildly inconsistent. He should get a bit more run tonight, so he is my Rudy pick of the day...

So there's 5 guys you should consider when your money's running out tonight.

It's like choosing between all the crappy New Year's parties when you're too drunk to get into the good one.

Yeah, you're THAT guy.

So obvious.