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FanDuel NBA DFS Boxing Day deals!!

1 Boxing Day deal at every position...

Terrence Ross has been rolling lately, but do you trust him?
Terrence Ross has been rolling lately, but do you trust him?
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The malls are packed, the parking situation is dire and it's all worth it...

Today is the day you save some of your precious dough to buy stuff you don't need.

Whoa. Politics alert.

Let's pick some players for ya...

Jrue Holiday, NO, PG ($5600)

After my Jrue/Justin Holiday mix up, I'm happy to recommend the correct Holiday on this holiday. (Weird, right?)  While Jrue is coming off an efficient (yet underwhelming) 9-point performance, he was pretty studly the previous 6 games. I'm signing off on Jrue with aplomb, and following his year closely. This is the year Jrue Holiday reminds us just how good he still is. Plug him in tonight. You won't regret it.

Terrence Ross, TOR, SG ($4000)

I have significantly less confidence in Terrence Ross tonight, but I'm going with my hunch. Ross has been rolling lately, but he's always a risk to drop off the face of the earth at any moment... Still, in his last 4 games, he's averaging 15.8 PPG, 4.3 3PM and some minor counting stats. He's NEVER a guarantee, but he's the hottest he's been for ages right now... For 4 grand, he's worth a shot.

Matt Barnes, MEM, SF ($5300)

I sincerely look for new players to recommend, but you gotta take the opportunities when they present themselves. With that said, Barnes is coming off his worst game in a month. 2 points in 23 minutes (although he did get 2 steals & 2 blocks). Others may be spooked, but you're talking about one of the hottest players in the NBA over the last 2 weeks... I'm gonna chalk last game up to an exception rather than the rule, and assume he'll be back to beasting today... I could be wrong, but that's the risk. I'm firmly behind Matt Barnes right now though.

Luis Scola, TOR, PF ($4500)

He's been going good game/bad game for awhile now, but I'm banking on that pattern changing today. Coming off a 15 & 9 game (with a steal and a block), I'm thinking he's gonna keep riding that wave... He literally got 2 points the game before last, then 20 the game before that - so we are certainly talking about a volatile asset here... Still, Scola is a gamer. And Boxing Day is a big day. I'm saying Scola steps up. Do you feel lucky?

Andrea Bargnani, BKN, C ($3900)

Underwhelming but sneaky, Bargnani has mediocre momentum right now. 12 points, 6 boards and a block last game - but for $3900, you could do far worse... There are better options in the C slot, but not for the price. He still has 25 PPG scoring potential - so a mediocre floor with a high upside ceiling is always a strong option... He hasn't played a bad game in 8 games - so he's a good bet right now... Wasted potential aside, I'd plug him in if you need a cheap Center today.

So there's 5 guys today - that I've recommended at some point this year.

DFS is tricky - as guessing production for a specific game is never an exact science.

But riding hot players, and examining short-term trends is usually far more effective than simply picking dudes with cool haircuts.

I mean, you can't take Dennis Rodman every time.

Wait, what?

Go buy some dress shoes. They're 50% off today.

You disgust me.