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Bobman's NBA Compendium

A miscellany of Fantasy Basketball highlights...

Guess who is #3 in the NBA in true shooting %? Shockingly, it's Lance Thomas of the Knicks.
Guess who is #3 in the NBA in true shooting %? Shockingly, it's Lance Thomas of the Knicks.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I haven't had a chance to use advanced statistics as often as I'd like this year.

So I thought I'd give myself an early Christmas present, and take a look around the league - using advanced stats to unearth some surprises...

As always, I've found some gems.

Some interesting dynasty league tips here, peeps.

So buckle up, stop drinking and learn some things about the electronic NBA...


I know it's a broken record, but do you realize just how good Stephen Curry is this year?

His true shooting % is .689

Absolutely insane.

He's almost 40 points higher than #2 on the list: Kevin Durant.

Curry is leading the NBA in the following advanced stats: PER, TS%, Win Shares, Box Plus/Minus and Value Over Replacement.

Is it possible for one player to receive multiple MVP awards in the same season?


I've written about Clint Capela a lot this year, and here's why:

Offensive Rebounding % (15.0, #4 in the NBA)

Total Rebounding % (19.4, #11 in the NBA)

Block % (5.0, #9 in the NBA)

He's 21 years old, and putting up insane defensive counting stats in his first year of significant minutes. I've scooped him up in 2 dynasty leagues already, you should do the same. He's going to be a Fantasy Basketball beast...


While everyone already knows how good Kristaps Porzingis is, did you know he's #4 in the NBA in block % (5.7)? Top 5 block specialist in the NBA? Pretty damn good for a rookie...

While Porzingis is becoming a household name, one stud a little under the radar is presenting himself: Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets.

Nikola's true shooting % of .617 is good for #6 in the NBA. That puts him above beastly scorers like Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson and Kyle Korver. Throw in an Offensive Rating of 118.9 (good for #11 in the NBA), and it's clear that you want to snag Jokic in dynasties/keepers. He's still under the radar, so you might be able to get him cheap...

The final rookie I want to bring some attention to is T.J. McConnell. While TJ's playing time is diminishing (with the return of 2 injured PGs on the terrible 76ers), McConnell is still #8 in the NBA in assist % (36.2). TJ is a more efficient passer than studs like LeBron James and James Harden, so his future could be brighter than most pundits think...


While I'm treasure hunting, check out a few random NBA players putting up really fantastic seasons in the advanced analysis world:

Ed Davis of the Portland Trailblazers leading the NBA in Offensive Rating (higher than Steph Curry!). In limited minutes, he's also #6 in the NBA in Offensive Rebounding % (14.3).

Jon Leuer of the Phoenix Suns is really having a fantastic year as well. His eFG% is #18 in the league at .541, his Defensive Rebounding % is also #18 in the league at 25.6

Fresh off a 9/9 game from the field, Lance Thomas of the Knicks is having himself quite a season. Can you believe Lance is #3 (.623) in the entire NBA in true shooting %?? I don't think there's much upside here, but as a roto option in deep leagues, I'll definitely sign off on him...


Quick little update in the Yahoo Friends and Family league. After last season's silver medal, I was hoping to win it all this year. I ended up going the other way. I was in last place for awhile, but have moved up to the middle of the pack. I took out my Fantasy idol, Yahoo's Andy Behrens, 7-2 last week, so I've jumped up to 8th. Since I drafted Kyrie Irving 3rd round - waiting to make a late season push - I could sneak up on people with 10 long weeks to go...

As always, I will keep you posted...

Oh, I should probably mention that Kobe is still Top 10 in the NBA in usage. For a player shooting 34.5% from the field for the season, it's a little sad.

I try not to write about the guy, but I just can't quit him.

Who will I trash next season?

It's a tragedy.

Anyway, you won't hear from me until after Christmas. So check those stockings for vodka, click on "Die Hard" and line up early for those Boxing Day sales.

Those people are jackals.