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Week 13 Wide Receiver Rankings - Standard Leagues

Having trouble deciding who to start? Robert has his WR rankings to help you in making those decisions.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Without the pressure of three thanksgiving games, you can take a little bit more time in deciding who to start this week. With only the Packers vs. the Bears game on Thursday night, most of your last minute decisions can wait till Sunday morning. This is key for some guys, as we need further word on their status. Currently I have Amendola ranked as if he was going to play this week. Allen Hurns on the other hand I don't have ranked, as I believe he will sit this one out. Hurns has too many nagging injuries, which means the Jaguars are better off letting him take a week off to heal a little bit. If word comes out on either of these two guys that is contrary to this, or for other guys, I will post in the comments section where I would have those guys ranked, or who would be effected by changes in injury status. But for now, consult the rankings below if you need to decide which guys to start. Some commentary on a few guys below as well.

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Odell Beckham Jr. Giants Jets
2 Julio Jones Falcons Buccaneers
3 DeAndre Hopkins Texans Bills
4 Antonio Brown Steelers Colts
5 Brandon Marshall Jets Giants
6 Calvin Johnson Lions Packers
7 Allen Robinson Jaguars Titans
8 A.J. Green Bengals Browns
9 Alshon Jeffery Bears 49ers
10 T.Y. Hilton Colts Steelers
11 Eric Decker Jets Giants
12 Demaryius Thomas Broncos Chargers
13 Amari Cooper Raiders Chiefs
14 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals Rams
15 Martavis Bryant Steelers Colts
16 Danny Amendola Patriots Eagles
17 Dez Bryant Cowboys Redskins
18 Emmanuel Sanders Broncos Chargers
19 Jarvis Landry Dolphins Ravens
20 Randall Cobb Packers Lions
21 Sammy Watkins Bills Texans
22 Brandon LaFell Patriots Eagles
23 Mike Evans Buccaneers Falcons
24 Michael Crabtree Raiders Chiefs
25 John Brown Cardinals Rams
26 Donte Moncrief Colts Steelers
27 Jeremy Maclin Chiefs Raiders
28 DeSean Jackson Redskins Cowboys
29 Brandin Cooks Saints Panthers
30 Michael Floyd Cardinals Rams
31 Doug Baldwin Seahawks Vikings
32 Kamar Aiken Ravens Dolphins
33 Vincent Jackson Buccaneers Falcons
34 Stevie Johnson Chargers Broncos
35 DeVante Parker Dolphins Ravens
36 Tavon Austin Rams Cardinals
37 Devin Funchess Panthers Saints
38 Anquan Boldin 49ers Bears
39 Davante Adams Packers Lions
40 Travis Benjamin Browns Bengals
41 Marvin Jones Bengals Browns
42 Willie Snead Saints Panthers
43 Kendall Wright Titans Jaguars
44 Stefon Diggs Vikings Seahawks
45 Jordan Matthews Eagles Patriots
46 Kenny Stills Dolphins Ravens
47 Seth Roberts Raiders Chiefs
48 Rueben Randle Giants Jets
49 Cecil Shorts III Texans Bills
50 Golden Tate Lions Packers

T.Y. Hilton - While I don't fully trust what Hasselbeck did last week, he did prove he still keep Hilton's value high each week. With both Hilton and Moncrief putting up big games last week, I know that Hilton's is the one we should buy into. Hasselbeck in all of his starts has been looking for Hilton more than Moncrief. If one receiver is only going to be a great option each week, it will be Hilton. While that alone doesn't make him a top 10 option, the matchup does the rest. The Colts are facing the Steelers, a team who just allowed Russell Wilson to throw 5 TD's to his receivers. The Steelers offense has been playing so up tempo, that opposing offenses have been getting more possessions, which results in more chances for Colts players to pad their stats. I think 100 yards and a potential TD are in the cards here.

Dez Bryant - I think I am getting a headache from the mess in Dallas this year. First I think Bryant will be a top 3 receiver before the season. Next he gets hurt in the first week, and to add to it, Romo got hurt the next week. When Bryant came back playing without Romo, he didn't look like himself. Then we see Romo come back and I think all of Bryant's problems will be solved. Well now Romo is out for the year again, which means Bryant is going to toil around the top 20 for the rest of the season. The matchup is great, but with Cassel as his QB can you trust him to take advantage of it? I have my doubts. Bryant has to show me something in the coming weeks to prove he is a top 10 receiver again.

Mike Evans - This is not an indictment on Evans. The only reason Evans is ranked this low is because of the horrible matchup he has. The Falcons have been stopping all opposing WR's, allowing only 3 TD's to them. This is game will be a struggle for Winston, which means that Evans will have less of the great opportunities to capitalize on. His big play ability and redzone skills keep him up this high, but this is the one guy I felt uncomfortable ranking, as he probably won't finish around here. He will either finish in the top 10 with 100 yards and a TD, or he will finish outside the top 35, with 40 yards. Sometimes you just have to split the difference with a guy like this and hope that talent wins out.

DeVante Parker - Well it is about time. I don't think there was a guy I was going to be more wrong about from the preseason than DeVante Parker. Thankfully it looks like he might finally have his chance to shine. Last week with Rishard Matthews getting knocked out of the game early in the first quarter, the Dolphins finally called on there first round pick. While it may seem like his TD last week was just due to it being garbage time, I see it a different way. Sure the score was late in the fourth quarter while they were down and out of the game, but it wasn't like he was only on the field during that time. For the game, Parker was on the field for 82% of the Dolphins snaps on offense. I think it goes without saying this is his highest number of the season by a large margin. Parker looked healthy finally and showcased some of those skills I fell in love with before the season. Parker will get his opportunity to start this coming week with Matthews most likely out. With a great matchup I think the upside here is high, but I do have to be cautious based on his limited sample size. If you feel like you need some big points from a player this week, Parker is almost assuredly on your waiver wire, so pick him up and plug him in.

Tavon Austin - So which Tavon Austin do you think you are getting this week? Is it going to be the one that scores a TD on 10+ touches, or will it be the one who touches the ball under 5 times and accumulates 20 yards? Well the last time the Rams played the Cardinals Austin had his best game going for 116 total yards and 2 TD's. While you can't expect that to happen again, it does show me something. The Rams recognize how good of a defense the Cardinals have, and getting the ball into your playmaker's hands will give you the best chance of winning. Austin will see somewhere from 3-5 carries, with another 5 receptions I believe. While I don't know if that results in a TD, it should at least allow him to rack up some yards with the opportunity to bust one loose for a score.

Stefon Diggs - Just hasn't been able to get much going in the last 4 games. He hasn't caught a TD in that span, and there is one simple explanation to this, Adrian Peterson. The last four games is when Peterson has been going on a tear, and it doesn't look like that will be slowing down anytime soon. With the Vikings relying on Peterson as much as they, they haven't had Bridgewater throw the ball as much. That has resulted in less targets for Diggs. Not only that, but the Vikings have also been trying to include Mike Wallace more into the offense. All of this means that the once waiver wire darling is back to being an emergency starting option for you.