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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for December 16th

1 deal at every position...

Is Mario Hezonja finally breaking out?
Is Mario Hezonja finally breaking out?
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

More risk than usual today, but I'm getting a little crazy as we get deeper into the holidays.

Someone has clearly spiked the egg nog.

So grab the hot girl at the party, go under the mistletoe and let Bobman take things slow and sexy for ya...

Okay, that got a little weird.

Let's begin.

Jose Calderon, NY, PG ($4200)

He's been erratic all year. Terrible lately. But every 4 games or so, he comes up with a beastly stat line. He's coming off perhaps his worst game of the year, so I'm banking on atonement here. When he's right, you've got a guy that can do absolutely everything on the floor. (Well, maybe not dunk.) Risk is bubbling over here tonight, but also upside. Some nights, this Spaniard is very very good. I'm saying tonight is one of those nights. For the price, you could win the lottery.

Jrue Holiday, NO, SG ($3500)

I sound like a broken record, but for minimum price, you gotta snag the guy averaging 19 PPG his last 2 games. He also played a season-high 29 minutes last game, and contributes in absolutely every category. I think the breakout/resurgence is real. If he stays healthy, we could be looking at similar (or better) numbers the rest of the season... He was one of the best guards in the league - before injuries derailed him - so a healthy Jrue could really change the DFS game. Plug this stud into your 2-guard spot, and free up cash to use elsewhere.

Mario Hezonja, ORL, SF ($3500)

The Evan Fournier breakout story has turned into the 2nd year in a row of the Evan Fournier disappointment story. With Fournier slumping badly, Hezonja is getting more run. With minimal opportunity, Hezonja is averaging 10 PPG the last 2 games. More could be coming. A lot more. You're talking about the 5th overall pick of the loaded 2015 NBA draft, and there is real talent here. A breakout game is coming, and extrapolating patterns means tonight could be the night. Very volatile, but he's getting minutes now - and producing. If you're hard up for cash tonight, consider Mario in your SF slot.

Aaron Gordon, ORL, PF ($3500)

I'm not sure if Aaron Gordon is a deal or a mirage, but he's as cheap as it gets. Gordon hasn't been able to put everything together at the NBA level yet, but there are continual flashes of brilliance here. He's an athletic freak - and he gets minutes - so a beastly stat line could emerge at any minute. He could also be nailed to the bench. He's similar to Calderon - in that he produces a useful game every 4 games or so. That makes him due to produce... basically tonight. Another extremely volatile asset, but the game he figures it all out is the game you want him in your lineup. Could that be tonight? Roll the dice if you need to save dough on your power forward...

Andrea Bargnani, BKN, C ($3700)

Bargnani isn't a swear word in Italian, but it should be. He's gotta be the most infuriating Fantasy asset in the NBA, but also one of the most intriguing. After disappearing, Andrea is scoring almost 15 PPG the last 3 games - with modest counting stats. Incredibly, he's accomplishing this playing around 20 minutes/game. His entire career has been characterized by unrealized potential and eerie scoring aptitude. He's got the talent to score 40/night in the NBA, but has the emotions of a teenager. Will you lend Bargnani the car for the prom tonight, or should you just ground him in his room until New Year's Eve? Your call, but he's playing well right now. For the price, I think he's worth the risk tonight.

So there's 5 deals to get you ready to be the drunkest person at your Christmas party.

Probably not a good idea to take that selfie.

It's likely going to last forever on the internet.

Thank God your boss is understanding.

At least there's that.