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Week 14 FanDuel GPP Lineup: McCoy's Revenge

Robert is back to give you a GPP lineup he is using on Sunday.

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FanDuel: New Players Only Week 14 Fantasy Football League

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Enter the Week 14 New Players Only Fantasy Football League

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FanDuel/SB Nation Fantasy Football League: Week 14

Time to reveal one of my GPP lineups I am using on Sunday. This week built my lineup around the Running Backs, and then worked out the rest from there. Once again found room to fit my favorite rookie receiver onto my team this week.

LeSean McCoy $7,900:

Alright start all of the McCoy getting his revenge talk now. I feel the whole revenge talk is actually detracting from how good of a matchup this is. The Eagles defense has allowed over 150 rushing yards over the last three games to opposing RB's, and two of those games were against the injured Patriots, and the Lions who don't have a discernible RB. Not only are they allowing large amounts of rushing yards, but they have also allowed a receving TD to RB's in each of the last three weeks. This defense just doesn't know how to stop RB's anymore. McCoy has a chance to have a huge game here, and the fact that it is against Chip Kelly, well I guess that doesn't hurt.

Doug Martin $8,000:

Guess who Doug Martin gets to face this week. That is right everyone it is your favorite matchup the New Orleans Saints. Every week I have been recommending the opposing RB's to the Saints. One of these times it might backfire on me, but until that day happens, which appears may never come, I will keep on doing it. This week with Doug Martin facing them, 100 yards and a TD appear to be a lock, and that is just a baseline.

Blake Bortles $7,700, Allen Hurns $6,600, and Julius Thomas $5,900:

Going with a big Jaguars stack this week. While most people who are doing a Jaguars stack will be using Allen Robinson, but I will be fading that pick. When a player goes out and gets three TD's, defenses usually try and plan against them. This will force the attention to be away from Hurns and Thomas. Hurns finally took a week off to heal from his nagging injuries. This should allow him to get back to his form from earlier this season. With the Jaguars facing the Colts, Bortles will be able to have a field day throwing the football. Thomas has been up and down this year, but when he is getting the targets from Bortles, he has been a top TE. A bit unorthodox for me to go with three players for a stack, but with the value I was getting with Hurns, and the mess at the TE position, I felt this is the best way to differentiate yourself from the other entries.

DeVante Parker $5,900:

So my love of DeVante Parker is well noted, so I don't need to say much here. Rishard Matthews will be out again, meaning Parker is starting for the second straight week. Last week Parker put up 63 yards and a TD on 3 receptions. The numbers may appear to be less than desired, but that is because the Dolphins made the concerted effort to run the ball practically the entire game. That won't be the case this week as the Giants will be putting up a lot of points on the board. This will force the Dolphins to throw the ball more against a weak secondary with the Giants. I think the big breakout game is happening on Monday night for everyone to see.

Chris Boswell $4,700:

He has scored double digit points for each of the past 4 weeks, toppping out at 16 last week. The Steelers have a great offense, and the Bengals do play some great redzone defense. Hopefully that combo results in some field goals, but then again I think all of my kicker picks the last few weeks haven't kicked a single field goal.

Seattle Seahawks Defense $5,300:

You saw what the Seahawks just did the Vikings offense right? Well now think about the Seahawks facing a team that is starting Matt Schaub or Jimmy Clausen as its QB against that defense. This is the perfect matchup you want to take advantage of. Last week as predicted the Ravens struggled mightily on offense, and allowed the Dolphins to get 17 FanDuel points. The Seahawks have a great chance of making it two straight weeks where the Ravens help a team get over 15 points.