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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for December 12th

1 deal at every position...

Olynyk is on fire right now. Add him immediately.
Olynyk is on fire right now. Add him immediately.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Games are starting at 5pm EST, so there's no time to waste.

Let's get started.

Jeremy Lin, CHA, PG ($4400)

Linsanity may be a thing of the past, but there's still a quality NBA player here. Coming off his best game of the season, Lin went off for 16 points, 2 3PM, 4 REB, 2 AST, 1 STL and a shocking 3 BLK!! You can't expect this kind of production from Jeremy every night (especially in the blocks department), but Al Jefferson's injury has opened up usage in lots of odd places (see: Kaminsky, Frank). Lin is not a lock to produce, but his minutes/usage have been trending upward. For the money, I think he's worth a shot...

Jrue Holiday, NO, SG ($3500)

I'm gonna go ahead and say Jrue Holiday is the best DFS deal in the league today. All-Star upside, Jrue is coming off a monster game of 19 points on 6/10 shooting, a whopping 5 3PM, 6 assists and 3 steals. He's really starting to generate some consistency, and a healthy Jrue could make a real Fantasy Basketball impact this season. For the minimum price, there's nothing else to think about. Plug him in, and win today...

C.J. Miles, IND, SF ($5300)

He's not the cheapest play - and there's risk - but there's a good balance of cost and upside here. While Miles didn't have the greatest game last time, he still had the leash to jack up 18 shots. He has the kind of upside to score 40 on any given night - with as many as 10 3PM. He also gets modest counting stats. He's always at least mediocre, but goes into sporadic beast mode. If you catch him on the right night, you've got the best Fantasy stat line of the evening. I'd try him tonight.

Frank Kaminsky, CHA, PF ($3700)

Another player benefitting from Al Jefferson missing time. While Kaminsky's role in the rotation is precarious, he's cracked 15 points twice in the last 5 games. He's an emerging rookie - and his minutes are trending upward. Far from a guarantee, but remember: We're only scratching the surface here. A breakout game is coming, and Kaminsky is being given every opportunity to succeed right now... He went 15 & 6 with 3 assists last game. Circle this name tonight...

Kelly Olynyk, BOS, C ($4200)

I recommended him last night in DFS - and he made me look good. He scored 28 points on 11/21 shooting, with 3 3PM, 6 REB, 3 AST, 3 STL & 1 BLK. He could be breaking out forever... It's possible he's only catching a little bit of fire, but either way, you want this guy in your lineup right now. For $4200, you're stealing him.

So you've got a bit of time.

Kick up your heels.

Have some lemonade.

Not too much though.

Sugar is bad for you.

We've talked about this.