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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 14

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for Week 14.

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FanDuel: New Players Only Week 13 Fantasy Football League

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FanDuel/SB Nation Fantasy Football League: Week 14

Had a great week last week here, so lets just keep that late season ball rolling. You know the drill by now.I list my favorite cash game picks for Sunday below in the order that I like them in the position. Then I give you one of the cash game lineups that I am using out of a combination of the guys listed above. With that out of the way, let's get right into the picks.


Blake Bortles ($7,700) - Over the last 8 games Bortles has thrown for less than 2 TD's just once, and that was on a Thursday night game. In that same span Bortles has averaged just over 22 FanDuel points a game, with only two of the game being under 17 points. Bortles has been a consistent option every week because of how much the Jaguars are allowing him to throw the football. This week the Jaguars are facing the Colts, a team we have seen play some suspect pass defense all year long. Expect Bortles to put up his usual stats of 300+ yards and 2 TD's in this game.

Johnny Manziel ($6,400) - Okay so you may think that I am insane for recommending Johnny for cash games, but just hear me out first. His salary is just too low for someone as well as he played as the starter. In order for Manziel to provide the necessary value you need in cash games, all he needs to get is 12.8 points. That is easy for a starting QB to get, especially someone like Manziel. say he throws for 200 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, and rushes for 30 yards. That statline which is subpar to say the least would result in 13 FanDuel points. I think that statline I presented is a worst case scenario for Manziel this week. I think he ourperforms those numbers, but even being cautious he reaches the necessary value. Factor in him playing against the weak 49ers defense and Manziel is actually a great cash game play.

Running Backs:

Doug Martin ($8,000) - Guess who Doug Martin gets to face this week. That is right everyone it is your favorite matchup the New Orleans Saints. Every week I have been recommending the opposing RB's to the Saints. One of these times it might backfire on me, but until that day happens, which appears may never come, I will keep on doing it. This week with Doug Martin facing them, 100 yards and a TD appear to be a lock, and that is just a baseline.

Jonathan Stewart ($7,200) - Make it now 8 games and counting that Stewart has had at least 20 carries in a game. With Stewart seeing as many touches as he is, it is surprising to see his salary still this low. As long as his salary is low though, I will keep on using him. This week the Panthers are facing the Falcons. The Falcons are giving up the fifth most fantasy points to opposing RB's this year. While they have only allowed three teams to go for over 100 yards, they have allowed a league high 13 TD's to opposing RB's. I think Stewart is going to be a lock to go for 80 yards and a TD here.

Shaun Draughn ($6,500) - So the RB position this week just doesn't have many people I would classify as being trustworthy for cash games. I see too much risk in most of the higher priced guys, except the two listed above. That leads to this pick as the third back to consider using in cash games on Sunday. Draughn has surprisingly been competant for FanDuel, averaging 12.9 points since becoming the 49ers starter the past four games. The best part is that his lowest point total during that span is 11.1, meaning he hasn't killed you in any week. This week Draughn has a good matchup, meaning that he has a great chance of reaching his 13 point value total. The Browns have allowed opposing RB's just over 4.6 yards per carry. Draughn has also averaged 5.5 receptions a game over that span. The floor is high here for him.

Wide Receivers:

Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,300) - Beckham Jr. is getting the former Rob Gronkowski treatment at this point it feels like. Every week it appears that he has a great matchup, making him the best stud to pay for in cash games. Over the last five weeks his lowest point total has been 15, with his average over that span being 23.4 FanDuel points a game. He will go for over 100 yards and a TD in this game as a minimum.

Danny Amendola ($7,000) - Since Edelman went down with an injury four weeks ago, Amendola has averaged just under 9 receptions a game. in addition to the large amount of receptions, he has averaged 86 yards and finally scored a TD for the first time in that three game span. The Patriots are without Gronk again this week, meaning Amendola is the only receiver that Brady can trust on that team. This will result in another game of around 9 receptions, 90 yards and a decent chance of a TD. Fairly safe chance he returns value for you in this one.

Doug Baldwin ($6,800) - This price is surprising given how Baldwin has played recently. For the past four games Baldwin has had at least 5 receptions in all of them, averaging just over 108 yards. Also over that four game span Baldwin has 6 TD's. Since Jimmy Graham got hurt the Seahawks has been flowing as an offense. Baldwin is running great routes, and will have a great chance to continue this run against the Ravens. The Ravens have allowed the fifth most points to opposing receivers this year. This is setting up for another great Baldwin game. Before he was only a tournament consideration, but this run is making him a safe play as well.

Eric Decker ($7,300) - I am basically going to say the same exact thing I said last week about Decker here. Each week he gives you exactly what you are expecting. The floor is extremely high for him. While the ceiling is lower compared to other receivers, it doesn't matter. You know with Decker that in each week he will get you at least 12 points. This week the Jets are facing the Titans, who has a secondary that got torched by the Jaguars last week. Most of the attention will be going to Marshall, leaving Decker to do his thing with Fitzpatrick. A TD is almost assured here, and I think he will add in 80 yards to go along with it.

Mike Evans ($8,000) - As I said when writing about Doug Martin, this Saints defense is just awful. Evans was much better than I expected him to be last week with a tough matchup, putting 14.6 points. This week against the Saints that number should easily exceed 16, which will bring back value to this pick. The only reason I didn't put him higher up in this order of receivers is because of the money you can save with the three guys directly above him. There are more safe receivers this week then there have been in the past it seems.

Tight Ends:

Delanie Walker ($6,100) - You will notice that I am recommending the same TE's as I did last week, but this time Walker gets top billing. Mariota has been looking for him so much recently that I don't care that the matchup doesn't look favorable. Sure the Jets are the third worst matchup for opposing TE's, but look who they have played this year. When going up against teams with legitimate TE's they have shown a weakness. Only three of the games have had TE's who I would consider to be near or at the same level of a Delanie Walker. Those guys are Charles Clay, Julius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski. Those three in there games against the Jets averaged 58 yards, and Gronk scored the lone TD. So when facing teams with at least a semblance of a TE they did allow them to put up there usual numbers. Walker will be great again this week, so don't let that matchup get in the way.

Scott Chandler ($5,800) - Made brief mention of him last week and will be doing the same here. I find it highly unlikely Gronkowski plays, which means Chandler is the sole TE again this week. Last week was about what you could have expected out of him, going for just under 60 yards and a TD. I think that type of statline is reasonable to expect, just remember that his yardage output is capped at about 60 here. He needs that TD to bring in value for you.


Jason Myers ($4,600) - So cheap kickers this week just look bad, so I went up $100 to find someone that I was comfortable with playing. Sure Myers didn't get a field goal last week, but that game against the Titans was a track meet. I expect the Jaguars to continue having a high powered offense, but I don't see them being able to finish off every single possession against the Colts. In the previous four weeks Myers had scored at least 12 FanDuel points in each of those games. I think he will approach those numbers again this week.


Seattle Seahawks ($5,300) - You saw what the Seahawks just did the Vikings offense right? Well now think about the Seahawks facing a team that is starting Matt Schaub or Jimmy Clausen as its QB against that defense. This is the perfect matchup you want to take advantage of. Last week as predicted the Ravens struggled mightily on offense, and allowed the Dolphins to get 17 FanDuel points. The Seahawks have a great chance of making it two straight weeks where the Ravens help a team get over 15 points.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Blake Bortles

RB: Doug Martin

RB: Jonathan Stewart

WR: Danny Amendola

WR: Doug Baldwin

WR: Eric Decker

TE: Delanie Walker

Kicker: Jason Myers

Defense: Seattle Seahawks