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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for December 1st.

Some cheap plays with upside for today's games...

Don't let his early seaosn struggles fool you, D'Angelo Russell is improving...
Don't let his early seaosn struggles fool you, D'Angelo Russell is improving...
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

December has arrived, but don't let the cold stop you from playing the game that you love.

It's a long season, so warm up with a little DFS.

1 pick from every position today. (Likely my new format - as I'd rather focus on less players for better quality picks.)

We start.

D'Angelo Russell, LAL, PG ($5100)

Double digit scoring 4 of the last 6 games - with lots of assists & boards. Eventually, Russell is going to be a mammoth Fantasy asset, but for now he's a volatile one. I'm still waiting for his big explosion game - that could happen any moment - but for the price, i like the upside here. Pretty steady combo of points, assists and rebounds. Percentages fluctuate wildly from day to day, but I'm really starting to like this guy... Give him a whirl.

Nik Stauskas, PHI, SG ($3800)

Call this one a hunch. There are many reasons NOT to take Nik today: Robert Covington's beasting, Stauskas' recent minor injury, etc. But Nik has quietly improved quite a bit this year. He's now a trusted part of the rotation - albeit still an emerging talent. He's been quiet lately, but had a 15-point outburst only a handful of games ago. He's due for a good game, and if healthy, that could be tonight. Very risky play, but there is upside here. If you're in a cash crunch, he's a decent option to take a flier on...

T.J. Warren, PHX, SF ($4400)

Firmly underpriced, Warren is a beast right now. Averaging just under 20 PPG the last 4 games, T.J. Warren set a career high for boards (11) and blocks (3) last game. This dynamic performer is getting better and better... It's boring, but I'm gonna keep throwing his name at you. For $4400, there isn't a better deal today.

Andrew Nicholson, ORL, PF ($3900)

Another under-the-radar player having a strong season, Nicholson is a fantastic play tonight. Fresh off a 14 & 8 on 6/9 shooting (with 3 blocks), Andrew Nicholson is starting to make strides. The upside isn't huge, but for $3900 you could do far worse... He's been pretty solid the last few games, and getting around 25 MPG the last 4 games. He's volatile, but he's been a very solid contributor. There could be more here tonight...

Roy Hibbert, LAL, C ($5200)

Lost in the many Laker stories about Kobe's disintegration - and the ascension of Julius Randle & D'Angelo Russell - is the play of Roy Hibbert. He hasn't been spectacular, but he's been pretty solid in limited minutes. Pretty much at his career averages (a little lower on scoring, a little higher on FT %), Roy is underrated. He's not a high upside option, but he gets those big man stats you need in the C slot - and he's always a nightly threat for a huge blocks game (think 5+). I'd have no problem grabbing Hibbert with my last $5200...

So there's a guy at every position that could help you tonight in the cold, pre-winter night.

It's obviously difficult to predict which players will perform on a particular night, but following short term trends is the best way to approach DFS...

Don't believe me?

Kevin Garnett is still available.

Good luck with that one.