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Week 9 GPP Lineup by @NFLClark

Great slate at FanDuel this week. I share one of my favorite lineups below.

Don't sit Ben this week.
Don't sit Ben this week.
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Another great slate of games over on FanDuel this weekend. I'll share one of my favorite lineups and a few quick thoughts on each selection below. Good luck out there!


Philadelphia Eagles: $4,700

With Tony Romo still missing, Dallas is not holding it together. The Eagles are on the road, but these Cowboys v Eagles matchups are great games more often than not. I'm guessing Cassel takes some sacks, and the Cowboys turn it over.


Robbie Gould - $4,600

Gould is taking advantage of the chances he's getting, and I think both San Diego and Chicago move the ball well in this game. Hoping Gould can chip in a few points for a near-min price.

Tight End

Martellus Bennett - $5,400

Really liking Bennet in prime time against the Chargers this week. He has a nice price this week, crossing my fingers for a big day here.


Ben Roethlisberger - $8,300

I think a lot of folks will be avoiding Ben here, with the Steelers coming off a bad fantasy showing and the Raiders looking impressive against the Jets. I'm betting on the Steelers rebounding and showing that while you never want to lose a guy on Le'Veon Bell's level, that offense has plenty of firepower with DeAngelo Williams in the backfield.

Running Back

DeAngelo Williams - $6,500

I fully expect everyone to be on DWill this week, but at this price, even starting Roethlisberger at QB, I can't pass.

Danny Woodhead - $6,000

I really like Woodhead on Monday Night with the Chargers hosting the Bears. Keenan Allen was a reliable target for Phillip Rivers, and Woodhead is one of the most reliable options left with Allen's injury.

Wide Receiver

Odell Beckham Jr. - $9,000

I don't think the Giants can run, and I don't think the Bucs D can hang with Odell. Looking for a big game from ODB, don't mind paying up here.

Demaryius Thomas - $8,700

I've saved everywhere and this is the payoff. Thomas is coming off a big week, and he's one of the best receivers in the game. I'm hoping he'll be faded because of his price, and I like taking the shot here.

Martavis Bryant - $6,900

Bryant is coming off a couple bad fantasy outings, but I'm betting on the Steelers to score a lot against the Raiders this week. Bryant is one of the game's best young deep threats, hoping he gets loose in this one.

That does it for me. Good luck out there folks.