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Fantasy Basketball: Players with Uncertain Roles

A few players on the margins that may/may not help your 2015/16 Fantasy Basketball team...

Is Marcus Smart an underrated combo guard, or an overrated point guard?
Is Marcus Smart an underrated combo guard, or an overrated point guard?
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

We're on the edge.

It's different here.

When evaluating players that may/may not help your team, we gotta look on the periphery.

You're not gonna get any well-known players on the waiver wire. You're gonna have to find a diamond in the rough.

That's where I come in.

Let me preface these names by saying RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

If you want a reward in life, you gotta take some risks. I'm highlighting a few players that might be worth the risk - or might waste a roster spot for a couple weeks.

The best part about taking risks is that you can always replace that player with a similar risk later on.

But if you predict correctly?

Well, that's why they make electronic trophies, my friends.

Let's begin.

1. T.J. Warren, PHX, SG/SF

Is T.J. just a Summer League superstar?

It's a fair point - as he has dominated Summer League the last 2 years - but didn't make much of an impact his rookie season...

But this season is different.

T.J. Warren is getting a little more run, and putting up 10 PPG and 4 REB playing 21 MPG. He's not a get in standard leagues, but in deep leagues, I'll take a look at the guy. I just scooped him up in a dynasty league, banking on more usage...

His role in the rotation is far from guaranteed, but I'd give him a whirl. His upside is tremendous, and if he gets the minutes, we could have a major scorer here eventually...

2. Clint Capela, HOU, PF/C

Raise your hand if you thought Dwight Howard's career was over?

As D-12's backup, Capela's fortunes are inextricably bound to Howard's. The less Dwight plays, the more Clint plays. Pretty easy principle to grasp...

But how much will Howard play?

That's the question.

Howard's health is a big concern, and the number of minutes he plays is always a question mark.

With that said, Dwight Howard has played more than I thought - and while Dwight was rumored to skip the 2nd days of back to backs, that plan might be changing as well...

Clint Capela is only 21 years old, and I'd definitely snag him in deep leagues/dynasties. Howard's back can't last all year, and Capela's per-36s are beastly.

Remember though: If Howard has a pretty good year health-wise, Capela basically has no value whatsoever.

Risk accordingly.

3. Donatas Motiejunas, HOU, SF/PF

Donatas had somewhat of a breakout last season, but there's more to come this season.

Or is there?

DM is still injured, and his timetable is uncertain.

With the perpetual injury risk Terrence Jones, there is room in the rotation for a 7-footer that can hit the 3 ball.

But when is he coming back? How healthy will he be when he returns?

Lots of questions, no answers.

When he does return though, a major breakout could occur.

Place your bets.

4. Marcus Smart, BOS, PG

Currently dealing with a minor injury, Marcus is enigmatic.

His role in the rotation seems assured, but he's a career 36.8 from the field.

He's up to 12 PPG in his 2nd year - with 2.3 STL and 1.7 3PM.

But how much usage will a sub-40% FG shooter get - when he's only averaging 3.7 AST?

He's a combo guard that can't shoot, or a point guard that can't pass in an elite fashion.

There are counting stat goodies here, but he might only play in a complex punt strategy.

He could be a high maintenance asset, or a young player that needs to work on his J.

Hard one to analyze, but I'm very intrigued.

If you can make him work on your team, he's worth a shot - for the drama alone...

5. John Henson, MIL, PF/C

I keep writing about this guy - cuz he's one of the best block artists in the NBA.

His block % is routinely in the upper echelon, and he's only 24 years old.

Will he always be a tease though?

He's never really done anything significant - outside of blocking shots.

He's had some huge games - and 11 PPG & 7 REB was very intriguing as a sophomore.

But what does the future hold for John Henson?

I'm holding him in dynasty leagues, but I've stopped acquiring him in new leagues.

But a breakout could happen at any moment. He's got the tools, but will he get the opportunity?

So there are 5 guys with high upside that are likely available on your waiver wire.

They could all be stars - or merely an exercise in futility.

Place your bets.

And if I'm right, I told you so.

If I'm wrong, grow up and make your own decisions.