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Jordan Zimmermann signs with Detroit Tigers: fantasy impact

Jordan Zimmermann was good in 2015, but there are some red flags.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Zimmermann has signed a 5 year, $110 million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers, according to various reports.

Zimmermann was good in 2015; his park and league adjusted 93 ERA- was 38th best among qualified starters, only a few ticks higher than notable pitchers Cole Hamels (90), Carlos Carrasco (91), and Felix Hernandez (91).

However, despite the solid year, Zimmermann displayed some red flags. Most notably, a drop in velocity and a spike in home runs allowed leave some reason for concern going forward. The velocity drop, from ESPN's Mark Simon:

And the spike in home runs allowed:










As an above average pitcher, Zimmermann still holds plenty of value, but fantasy owners should consider the velocity drop and home run spike before choosing exactly where to value Zimmermann in 2016 and beyond. Paying for 2016 Jordan Zimmermann based on the 2011-2014 version is something a fantasy owner should be wary of.