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The Keeper Corner #24-11

Guys who couldn’t even drive in Miss Daisy are ranked.

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We continue down my 2015 preseason rankings that I used for a keeper league.  Since I've had questions, these projections are values for the 2015 season only, obviously if Harper is next to David Ortiz, I'd have taken Harper over him for keeper values, but when it comes to winning now, I had Ortiz ranked as a better producer purely based on numbers, as much as it pains me to say that.  This was my short term map.  Without further ado #24:

#24 Corey Dickerson, OF, COL

$31.39, 83 R, 24 HR, 73 RBI, 8 SB, .301 AVG, .896 OPS

Dickerson played only 65 games because of fractured ribs and planter fasciitis.  When he was on the field, he continued hitting well.  He isn't a big walker, but he was a great hitter for both power and average.  WARNING: He also has an extreme split between how he performs at home and on the road.  For the past two seasons Dickerson has been one of the best hitters in baseball at home, and average on the road, he also has struggles vs lefties but feasts on righties.  If you can find someone else to split time with Dickerson next season, you can have one of the best platoons in fantasy baseball, but if he is every moved out of Colorado, abandon ship immediately.

#23 Freddie Freeman, 1B, ATL

$31.68, 96 R, 21 HR, 90 RBI, 2 SB, .292 AVG, .858 OPS

Freeman had wrist injuries and only played 118 games.  This however did not stop him from being a line drive machine yet again, and also being the great on base player he has been all through his career.  Freeman is a natural hitter, and you won't have many issues with him when he's on the field.  His approach puts him in position to not have many slumps, and prior to last years' wrist injury, he'd been extremely resilient playing over a 147 games for four consecutive seasons.  If he's healthy next season, he should be back to smashing line drives all over the field, whether that be with the Braves or another team.  Fun fact, Freeman has the second best line drive rate ever, since they began recording it.

#22 David Price, SP, DET

$31.75, 216 K, 16 W, 3.292 ERA, 1.083 WHIP, 5.838 K/BB

Price was a Cy Young contender, and is coming off his best career season.  Both his strikeout rate, and walk rate were elite.  He also pitched over 200 innings for the 5th time in his career.  He's a frontline starter, and will be a fantasy ace yet again next season.

#21 Adam Jones, OF, BAL

$31.99, 93 R, 32 HR 93 RBI, 10 SB, .279 AVG, .798 OPS

For the first time since 2009, Jones played under 149 games.  This didn't stop him from being a very strong fantasy performer, as he still bopped 27 homers, and hit .269.  Going forward, I wouldn't want to invest heavily in Adam Jones.  I've never been a fan of players who have poor walk rates, and high batting averages.  He'll continue to hit homers, but eventually it seems that all players like this start chasing pitches as their bat speed slows and they have to gear up to swing earlier than ever before, and their poor plate discipline will be exposed.

#20 Yasiel Puig, OF, LAD

$32.59, 93 R, 23 HR, 91 RBI, 13 SB, .283 AVG, .856 OPS

Puig had a litany of leg injuries, and missed half the season.  I don't really care about his poor mentality, and the issues other teammates have with him personally.  I watch Puig and I know he can make hard contact to all fields, and he is very fast.  He was reported to weigh over 260lbs last season, which is far more than any player with his speed should ever weigh.  Next year, if he's going any later than the second round I'll be looking to buy low, as I anticipate a big bounce back from the talented Puig.

#19 Michael Brantley, OF, CLE

$32.68, 84 R, 16 HR, 83 RBI, 20 SB, .307 AVG, .830 OPS

Brantley played through shoulder injuries, and still hit .310 last year.  His plate discipline is arguably the best in baseball, walking more than he struck out, and his .859 OPS, was the 22nd best in baseball.  He's a great hitter.  The bad news is that he had offseason surgery, and will be out of baseball for 5-6 months, which cuts into next season.  This obviously makes him a gamble, and it is hard to project him 2016 because of this.  Hopefully he can have his 5th straight season with an average over .280, and he can continue to get double digit steals.  The power is the big question next season.

#18 Robinson Cano, 2B, SEA

$32.84, 87 R, 19 HR, 90 RBI, 8 SB, .305 AVG, .844 OPS

Cano is presently in the hot seat after having his ex hitting coach rip him for being terrible, and his friends telling the media he wants to go back to New York.  His first half was a catastrophe, but after the Mariners fell out of contention early, few noticed his second half.  He posted a .331/.387/.540, that's a .926 OPS, that's some great hitting for half of the season, when most players wear down.  He played through an abdominal strain, and was apparently ill for the majority of the first half.  If his first half drives down his price next season I'll be a buyer in 2016.

#17 Adrian Beltre, 3B, TEX

$33.73, 80 R, 24 HR, 79 RBI, 1 SB, .315 AVG, .876 OPS

Very similar to Robinson Cano, Beltre had a terrible first half, and then came back with a vengeance along with the rest of the Rangers, to save his fantasy season in the second half.  Beltre's whole triple slash rate drastically improved in the second half, along with his batted ball profile drastically improving.  Next year, similar to Cano, I'd invest, but not at the same level I'm willing to go with Cano due to him being 37 on opening day in 2016.

#16 Chris Sale, SP, CWS

$33.74, 232K, 17 W, 2.734 ERA, 1.033 WHIP, 4.462 K/BB

Sale had 274 strikeouts...  Besides that he was generally awesome.  I'm not sure what kind of analysis readers want on a player this good, he's just going to be good again next year so you want him.  If you want some sort of research, his strikeout and walk rate were both career bests, creating a 6.52 K/BB.

#15 Ryan Braun, OF, MIL

$33.75, 81 R, 27 HR, 90 RBI, 10 SB, .290 AVG, .872 OPS

Braun was a well rounded hitter, but the days of him being an elite masher are gone.  He's always nicked up, perhaps this is the new PED free Braun, but he's no longer a top 20 pick.  When he's on the field, you can expect him to continue being a great line to line hitter, with above average power to all fields.  The additional 24 steals he threw in were a great add after him failing to reach 20 steals in the two previous seasons.  In my mind he's a low end OF 1 or a great OF2.

#14 Stephen Strasburg, SP, WSH

$34.76, 243 K, 17 W, 2.972 ERA, 1.064 WHIP, 4.959 K/BB

Strasburg had a series of injuries (oblique, back, and trap) that led to him to only pitching 127 innings.  His strikeouts and walks were both elite last year.  His ERA makes him appear to not have had a great year, but his peripherals were very strong, and expect him to be back to his ace self in 2016.  Next year, he may slip because of his innings and ERA, but I'd be willing to bet on him coming back strong next year.

#13 Carlos Gomez, OF, MIL

$35.41, 95 R, 26 HR, 73 RBI, 40 SB, .277 AVG, .829 OPS

Wrist, intercostal, and hip injuries limited Gomez to 115 games last season.  As a result, his power and speed both took a big hit, and he failed to reach 20 homers or 20 steals, after being a 20/20 player in both of the previous two seasons.  It was his worst season since 2011, his big drop in hard hit rate and pull rate were likely a result of him playing hurt, and failing to turn on balls he used to pull.  Next year, if he's healthy I expect him to easily eclipse 20 steals, and he should resume posting solid power numbers again.

#12 Jose Abreu, 1B, CWS

$36.09, 78 R, 34 HR, 100 RBI, 3 SB, .286 AVG, .868 OPS

This is a professional hitter.  He hits the ball hard to all fields, and plays in a great hitters park.  His first two seasons of MLB baseball have resulted in 80 run, 30 home run, 100 RBI seasons.  He's a career .303 hitter in 1290 plate appearance, and his hard hit rate for his career is 35.3%, the 45th best recorded rate of all time.  He's an excellent player, and his reliability only increases his value.  Last year he only had one month with an OPS below .800, and that was in May when he posted a .742.  You want Abreu.

#11 Anthony Rizzo, 1B, CHC

$ 36.47, 91 R, 34 HR, 89 RBI, 6 SB, .279 AVG, .883 OPS

On the other side of Chicago, Rizzo continued his ascent into MLB stardom.  He posted his second consecutive 30 homer season, and added 17 steals to his owners, after stealing 16 steals previously in his whole career.  At 26 years old, there is more for Rizzo to learn at the plate, whether that be spraying the ball around the field more evenly, or further improving his excellent plate discipline.  Rizzo is a top 10 player in 2016 drafts.

If you have any questions about rankings feel free to leave a comment below, or ask me on twitter @jackcecil1.  Below are the full ranks up to #11.

11 Anthony Rizzo
12 Jose Abreu
13 Carlos Gomez
14 Stephen Strasburg
15 Ryan Braun
16 Chris Sale
17 Adrian Beltre
18 Robinson Cano
19 Michael Brantley
20 Yasiel Puig
21 Adam Jones
22 David Price
23 Freddie Freeman
24 Corey Dickerson
25 Max Scherzer
26 Josh Donaldson
27 Anthony Rendon
28 Hanley Ramirez
29 Buster Posey
30 Victor Martinez
31 Madison Bumgarner
32 Johnny Cueto
33 David Ortiz
34 Bryce Harper
35 Carlos Gonzalez
36 Jordan Zimmermann
37 Zack Greinke
38 Ian Desmond
39 Adrian Gonzalez
40 Corey Kluber
41 Jose Altuve
42 Albert Pujols
43 Joey Votto
44 Aroldis Chapman
45 Justin Upton
46 Matt Holliday
47 Masahiro Tanaka
48 Prince Fielder
49 George Springer
50 Yoenis Cespedes
51 Matt Kemp
52 Jacoby Ellsbury
53 Carlos Santana
54 Jonathan Lucroy
55 Jon Lester
56 Evan Longoria
57 Koji Uehara
58 Cole Hamels
59 Craig Kimbrel
60 Mookie Betts
61 Nolan Arenado
62 Mark Melancon
63 Starling Marte
64 Greg Holland
65 Chris Carter
66 Pablo Sandoval
67 Ryan Zimmerman
68 Kole Calhoun
69 Kris Bryant
70 Chris Davis
71 Adam Wainwright
72 Evan Gattis
73 Nelson Cruz
74 Ian Kinsler
75 Kyle Seager
76 Jose Reyes
77 Adam LaRoche
78 Jeff Samardzija
79 Hyun-Jin Ryu
80 Justin Morneau
81 James Shields
82 David Robertson
83 Todd Frazier
84 Jayson Werth
85 Carlos Carrasco
86 Devin Mesoraco
87 J.D. Martinez
88 Phil Hughes
89 Melky Cabrera
90 Matt Harvey
91 Kenley Jansen
92 Starlin Castro
93 Glen Perkins
94 Hunter Pence
95 Jorge Soler
96 Pedro Alvarez
97 Dellin Betances
98 Julio Teheran
99 Brandon Moss
100 Mark Trumbo
101 Matt Carpenter
102 Manny Machado
103 Jason Heyward
104 Hisashi Iwakuma
105 Huston Street
106 Rusney Castillo
107 Jacob deGrom
108 Dustin Pedroia
109 Neil Walker
110 Alex Cobb
111 Andrew Miller
112 Christian Yelich
113 Sean Doolittle
114 Jonathan Papelbon
115 Jay Bruce
116 Alex Gordon
117 Marcell Ozuna
118 Brian Dozier
119 Homer Bailey
120 Lucas Duda
121 Yadier Molina
122 Leonys Martin
123 Matt Adams
124 Cody Allen
125 Steve Cishek
126 Joaquin Benoit
127 Alex Wood
128 Jason Kipnis
129 Brandon McCarthy
130 Trevor Rosenthal
131 Adam Lind
132 Kolten Wong
133 Ben Zobrist
134 Gerrit Cole
135 Chase Utley
136 David Wright
137 Charlie Blackmon
138 Aramis Ramirez
139 Anibal Sanchez
140 Ken Giles
141 Martin Prado
142 Drew Smyly
143 Steve Pearce
144 Fernando Rodney
145 Jake Arrieta
146 Yan Gomes
147 Drew Storen
148 Gio Gonzalez
149 Daniel Murphy
150 Michael Cuddyer
151 Doug Fister
152 Michael Wacha
153 Joe Mauer
154 Brett Gardner
155 Hector Rondon
157 Scooter Gennett
156 Alexei Ramirez
158 Tyson Ross
159 Billy Butler
160 Mat Latos
161 Howie Kendrick
162 Eric Hosmer
163 Garrett Richards
164 Brandon Belt
165 Josh Harrison
166 Jake McGee
167 Andrew Cashner
168 A.J. Pollock
169 John Lackey
170 Marlon Byrd
171 Jedd Gyorko
172 Francisco Rodriguez
173 Yusmeiro Petit
174 Alex Rios
175 Oswaldo Arcia
176 Khris Davis
177 Salvador Perez
178 Mike Fiers
179 Billy Hamilton
180 Brian McCann
181 Addison Reed
183 Bartolo Colon
182 Lance Lynn
184 Scott Kazmir
185 Shin-Soo Choo
186 Carl Crawford
187 Chase Headley
188 Jose Quintana
189 Tony Watson
190 Justin Verlander
191 Brad Boxberger
192 Dan Haren
193 Aaron Hill
194 Rick Porcello
195 Luke Gregerson
196 Michael Pineda
197 Rougned Odor
198 Michael Saunders
199 Lonnie Chisenhall
200 Mike Leake
201 Ian Kennedy
202 Jonathon Niese
203 Wade Davis
204 Yasmany Tomas
205 Wilin Rosario
206 Jhonny Peralta
207 Torii Hunter
208 Mike Napoli
209 Matt Shoemaker
210 Jimmy Rollins
211 Zach Britton
212 Russell Martin
213 Josh Reddick
214 Collin McHugh
215 Jered Weaver
216 Brandon Finnegan
217 Jake Peavy
218 Matt Cain
219 Sergio Romo
220 Gregory Polanco
221 Matt Wieters
222 CC Sabathia
223 Carlos Beltran
224 Erick Aybar
225 Jake Odorizzi
227 Joe Nathan
226 Sonny Gray
228 Bobby Parnell
229 Dallas Keuchel
230 Danny Salazar
232 Curtis Granderson
231 Joc Pederson
233 Kyle Lohse
234 Rafael Soriano
235 Jose Fernandez
236 Wei-Yin Chen
237 Drew Hutchison
238 Derek Holland
239 Darren O'Day
240 Trevor Plouffe
241 Chris Tillman
242 John Jaso
243 Nick Markakis
244 Elvis Andrus
245 Kevin Gausman
246 Tyler Clippard
247 Jason Hammel
248 Matt Garza
249 Coco Crisp
250 Dillon Gee
251 Neftali Feliz
252 Chris Archer
253 Josh Collmenter
254 Ben Revere
255 Pat Neshek
256 David Peralta
257 Denard Span
258 Santiago Casilla
259 Nick Castellanos
260 Adam Eaton
261 Wilson Ramos
262 Wil Myers
263 Jenrry Mejia
264 Kyle Hendricks
265 Steven Souza
266 Vance Worley
267 Dalton Pompey
268 Joakim Soria
269 Nathan Eovaldi
270 Andrew Heaney
271 Joe Smith
272 Lorenzo Cain
273 Marco Estrada
274 Francisco Liriano
275 Dee Gordon
276 Desmond Jennings
277 Ervin Santana
278 Kevin Quackenbush
279 Mark Teixeira
280 Mike Minor
281 Michael Morse
282 James Loney
284 Kennys Vargas
283 Justin Smoak
285 Rajai Davis
286 Angel Pagan
287 Junichi Tazawa
288 Henderson Alvarez
289 R.A. Dickey
290 Clay Buchholz
291 Brandon Phillips
292 Asdrubal Cabrera
293 Danny Santana
294 Shelby Miller
295 LaTroy Hawkins
296 Jed Lowrie
297 Wade Miley
298 T.J. House
299 Danny Farquhar
300 Brett Cecil