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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for November 29th.

A few good deals for today's DFS games...

Oh, Clint Capela. You're so dreamy...
Oh, Clint Capela. You're so dreamy...
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Lots of games tonight, but I didn't see too many bargains.

I'm going 1 for every position today - because that's what my instincts are telling me.

And I get paid to follow my instincts.

So there.

Let's begin.

Cory Joseph, TOR, PG ($4300)

CJ should be riding the momentum of hitting his game-winning jumper last night.

Coaches have a funny habit of giving a longer leash to players who just won the entire game for them, so I expect more minutes/usage for Joseph today. The little boost in his confidence should hopefully revive his game. He's slipped a bit recently, so I'm banking on some good numbers from Cory today...

Jeremy Lamb, CHA, SG ($4600)

Lamb has been pretty steady this year.

He's only had one stinker in the last 10 games, so we're looking at a pretty steady asset here.

I think he's undervalued, and for the price, he's well worth it.

He also has upside - so a 20-point game with lots of counting stat goodies isn't out of the question.

If you're looking for a rock solid 2-guard in the bargain bin today, Lamb is your play.

T.J. Warren, PHX, SF ($4100)

It APPEARS to be the best deal of the day, but a warning: What goes up, must come down.

He's coming off a career-high 28 points on 12/16 shooting, but it's not sustainable.

As much as I do recommend him, temper your expectations.

He's been an absolute beast the last 3 games (averaging over 20 PPG), but it's not a guarantee.

I think closer to 16 points with some moderate counting stats is likely, but as we discovered last game, there is tremendous upside here.

Either way, start T.J. Warren with confidence.

Jerami Grant, PHI, PF ($4600)

Another player off a career high (tied) with 18 points.

He's one of my favorite young players in the NBA, but he's wildly inconsistent.

His numbers could take a hit with the expected return of Nerlens Noel today, but Jerami Grant is my warm & fuzzy pick today. There are better options, but there is breakout potential every game here... He can do it all.

Clint Capela, HOU, C ($4600)

Regular readers know about my man crush on Clint Capela.

Houston feels the same way.

The Rockets are so high on C2, young stud Terrence Jones is losing minutes/usage to the recently promoted Clint Capela. Dwight Howard's backup is now his running mate - as Clint is in their starting 5.

His upside resembles his huge teammate: D-12.

For blocks & boards, save yourself some dough - and take Clint in your C slot.

So that's 5 guys that should help you for little % of your budget today.

As always, no guarantees. But I'm doing my best for you.

Now stop texting me all the time.

It's just weird.