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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 12

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for Week 12.

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FanDuel: Week 12 Fantasy Football League

Many of you play in season-long fantasy football leagues, while more and more of you are playing one day fantasy leagues. If you like the action of the one day leagues, make sure you join the FanDuel/SB Nation one day fantasy football leagues. All you need to do is click on the link below and join a league.

Enter the Week 12 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
  • First place wins $100,000 on Monday
  • $5 entry, top 57,500 teams win cash
  • Salary cap format - pick who you want

FanDuel/SB Nation Fantasy Football League: Week 12

Well at least week 11 is over with. I have never seen a week where the winning scores for cash game lineups was that low. In weeks where it appears nothing goes right, you just have to look ahead, and know that things will correct itself. You know the drill by now. We have been doing this for over half of the season so far, and will keep it the same going forward. This intro won't be long, that way you can get straight into my picks for the week. So why wait any longer and let's get right to the picks.


Brian Hoyer ($7,100) - If you haven't been paying attention for most of this season you may have missed how poor the Saints defense is. If you do realize this, but aren't convinced Hoyer is a great cash game option, here are some stats for you. For the last 4 weeks, the Saints have allowed at least 23 fantasy points to opposing QB's in each game. Hoyer in the four games prior to his last start where he got hurt averaged just over 21 FanDuel points per game, with a low that was just over 17. He will put up some big numbers in this game, and even if he doesn't finish as the best QB for the week, I am almost certain he finishes with more than at least double his salary here.

Carson Palmer ($8,100) - While some people may not want to start Hoyer, I think that Palmer, while slightly more expensive, is a great alternative. For the last six weeks Palmer has not scored below 18 FanDuel points. In fact, he has had only one week with less than 18 points, and that was a week where he was just under 17. This guy is consistent week in and week out. Now factor in that he is playing against a weak 49ers defense, putting his chances of providing double his salary from an already high percent to a lock.

Running Backs:

Javorius Allen ($6,300) - While I believe that the Ravens offense is going to struggle the rest of the year, Allen has a great opportunity in week 12 to put up some nice numbers. Allen is about the only player left on the Ravens offense that they can feel good about giving the ball to. Last week was the first time in 7 games that the Browns have held opposing RB's to under 100 yards. This Browns defense has been susceptible to all RB's, and if given enough touches, all of them have down well. I expect at least 20 touches out of Allen, and with the matchup against the Browns, that should lock him into 100 yards and a TD.

Thomas Rawls ($6,300) - While the matchup certainly isn't good, I am not worried about Rawls in this one. Teams with decent RB's have put up some good games against the Steelers run defense. The Raiders, Ravens, and Chiefs all had good games running against the Steelers. The Steelers run defense looked great last week, but then again when you play the Browns, everyone's run defense looks like the best in the league. Rawls is hard to stop when he is the lead back. Last week marked the third time that he has gone for over 100 yards, which means he has had only one game of less than 100 yards when he touches the ball 15 or more times. The Seahawks no matter what will always run the ball, as they know it is the best way for them to try and win. Rawls will score in this game, and should get to at least 80 yards.

T.J. Yeldon ($6,500) - While Yeldon has been unspectacular this year, this matchup does leave me intrigued. For all the bad you could say about Yeldon not having a great year, he has actually been consistent. For the most part Yeldon is hovering around his average of 11 FanDuel points per game every week. There haven't been big fluctuations, which means you can trust him. All that Yeldon needs this week to return value would be 13 points, which against the Chargers won't be too tough. Last week we saw Spencer Ware, a guy who most people probably hadn't heard of run for 90 yards and 2 TD's. While the TD upside isn't there with Yeldon, this could be a game where he does find the endzone and he will rack up the yards in this one.

Wide Receivers:

DeAndre Hopkins ($9,400) - I am going to make this one quick. The Saints defense as I said above is terrible. Hoyer is good, and Hopkins is a stud. Expect some great numbers again from Hopkins.

Odell Beckham Jr. ($9,100) - Since becoming fully healthy, Beckham Jr. has been on a tear. He has three consecutive games of over 100 yards, and has 4 TD's over the last 3 weeks. While the matchup isn't as good as Hopkins vs. the Saints, going up against the Redskins is a nice consolation for a top receiver. Each week the Redskins get torched by opposing WR's, and the ones they have been going up against haven't been as skilled as Beckham Jr. is. His game will rival that of Hopkins this week, and should be fun to see who wins. Roster at least one of these two for sure, and if you can roster both, do it.

Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400) - With Edelman no longer an option each week, Fitzgerald takes the reigns of being the most consistent receiver who isn't viewed as a stud. The salary here is almost criminal for someone who has been performing at top 10 standards. As I sad above with Palmer, the 49ers defense is bad, and Fitzgerald will get targeted plenty in this game. While Palmer does spread the ball around to all of his guys, the one guy we can count on being consistent week in and week out.

Michael Crabtree ($6,500) - It hasn't been the best couple of weeks for Crabtree, but I am not deterred from it. Carr is still looking to get the ball to him, but has had a minor bump in what has been a great season for him. Crabtree has been targeted the most out of all of the Raiders players, and I expect that to be the case again this week. The Raiders are facing the Titans this week, and they haven't been the best at defending WR's. Sure the last couple of weeks they were good, but one was against the Panthers, and the other was a Thursday night game, which are always odd games that because everyone is on short rest. Crabtree should be able to take advantage of a secondary that has allowed receivers to beat them. I expect something close to 80 yards and a TD here.

Danny Amendola ($6,100) - Short explanation here. If there is word out before the noon kickoff that Amendola is probable to play in the Sunday night game, I would insert him. Without that word, avoid it as you can't afford taking the risk.

Tight End:

Jordan Reed ($5,800) - Jordan Reed has still seen his targets with the return of DeSean Jackson. That was one thing I was monitoring, as I wasn't sure if it would actually hold true. With 8 targets last week, and 6 receptions, I am confident to trust him in cash games, especially when he goes up against the Giants. The Giants are allowing the second most points to opposing TE's. Jordan Reed should easily be able to put up his usual numbers, while finding his way into the endzone.

Gary Barnidge ($6,500) -


Mike Nugent ($4,600) - He is a low priced kicker who's team has a great offense. The Bengals are facing the Rams, who do have a good defense, which actually is good here. The Bengals can move the ball, so if they get stopped in the redzone, all the better. Nugent has a great chance to score a lot of points here, but even if they don't have many field goal attempts, he will have quite a few extra points then.


Arizona Cardinals ($5,300) - This goes to my weekly theme of playing the defense against the 49ers. Blaine Gabbert isn't good, and the Cardinals have a great defense. Not much else to say, other than they are expensive, so if you don't have the space, look for the next pick at a slightly cheaper cost.

Cincinnati Bengals ($4,800) - Nick Foles is going to be starting this game, but honestly it doesn't matter if it is him or Keenum at this point. Both guys are going to get sacked, and most likely turn the ball over at least two times. The only player who is a threat in this offense is Todd Gurley, and teams are starting to gameplan against him. The Bengals don't have the upside of a Cardinals, but should have a high enough floor to be good here.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Brian Hoyer

RB: Javorius Allen

RB: Thomas Rawls

WR: DeAndre Hopkins

WR: Odell Beckham Jr.

WR: Michael Crabtree

TE: Jordan Reed

Kicker: Mike Nugent

Defense: Cincinnati Bengals