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Fantasy Basketball: Deep League Options

Some players who may be available in leagues of 14+ managers...

K.J. McDaniels: Lost treasure or simply lost?
K.J. McDaniels: Lost treasure or simply lost?
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I'll admit it.

I like discounts.

I get off on finding amazing items on sale - for no other reason than I got a good deal.

I like to research, to dig, to unearth the hidden gems of this world.

I suppose I always wanted to be Indiana Jones (if I really stopped to think about it).

My favorite thing to do these days is to find value in deep dynasty leagues.

For 1 year leagues, the principles still apply. But in dynasty leagues, you wanna hold these guys long term.


I'll get to that.

Like now.

1. Dwight Powell, DAL, PF/C

One man's trash is another man's treasure (still on theme). Powell came over in the Rondo trade, and was generally regarded as a warm body that hopefully won't use up too much hot water in the dressing room.

He stepped up.

He basically came out of nowhere, and is a very intriguing dynasty league candidate. A 2nd round pick in the 2014 draft, Powell is averaging 10.2 PPG and 7.6 REB in only 22 MPG. It's very difficult to know if he'll sustain this kind of progress, but you gotta take the upside when it presents itself (see: Barton, Will).

If you have the room - and he's still available - I'd scoop him up. There could be dynasty gold here, and standard 1-year leagues should keep an eye on this guy...

2. Frank Kaminsky, CHA, C

Let's not go crazy, but let's acknowledge that Franky's terrible start is over.

In the last 2 games, he's at 10 PPG, 3 REB, 1 3PM, 1.5 BLK.

I'm not ready to anoint him the league's next great big man (in a year where so many great young big men are presenting themselves), but it's my job to point you in the direction of upside. And Frank the Tank has it.

More Bargnani than anyone wants to admit, that doesn't mean he's not useful. This is a future multicat beast in the C position...

3. K.J. McDaniels, HOU, SF

I know I know: I write about this guy way too often.

His credentials are well-trodden territory: among the highest block % in the NBA last year (his rookie season!), multicat beast potential, etc.

He's spent some time in the D-league this year, but just came back.

He's barely done anything in the NBA this year, but he just played 14 minutes last game.

I could be jumping the gun, but I absolutely love this guy in Fantasy Basketball.

If you have the room, stash him immediately. Once the leash is off, he's going bonkers...

4. Mirza Teletovic, PHX, SF/PF

Another one of my favorite undervalued assets, Teletovic is starting to put up some significant numbers.

Last game: Season high of 15 points, 3 3PM, 5 REB, 3 AST.

If he becomes a trusted part of the rotation, he's going to help you. He does a little bit of everything.

5. Terrence Ross, TOR, SG/SF

T Ross has had an underwhelming season compounded by an injury that cost him a few games.

But he's also super young (only 24 years old), and has yet to reach his potential.

He's pretty far off his career averages, and I expect that to correct itself as the long NBA season lumbers on...

I don't see him with All-Star upside or anything crazy like that, but if he's available in your FA pool (and he might be), there could be stats potential down the road...

I recommend a stash.

So there's 5 guys that are likely available (depending on how erudite your colleagues are).

It's already getting harder to find upside on the waiver wire, so you gotta take it where you can find it.

A treasure hunt just ain't fun unless you're devoutly committed to procuring treasure.

I gotta stop using all these big words.