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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 11

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for Week 11.

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FanDuel: Week 11 Fantasy Football League

Many of you play in season-long fantasy football leagues, while more and more of you are playing one day fantasy leagues. If you like the action of the one day leagues, make sure you join the FanDuel/SB Nation one day fantasy football leagues. All you need to do is click on the link below and join a league.

Enter the Week 11 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
  • First place wins $100,000 on Monday
  • $5 entry, top 57,500 teams win cash
  • Salary cap format - pick who you want

FanDuel/SB Nation Fantasy Football League: Week 11

You know the drill by now. We have been doing this for over half of the season so far, and will keep it the same going forward. This intro won't be long, that way you can get straight into my picks for the week. So why wait any longer and let's get right to the picks.


Derrick Carr ($7,700) - He has been so good this year. Over the last four games he has a total of 13 TD's, and thrown for 1225 yards. That puts him at an average of just over 300 yards and just over 3 TD's each week. I think those averages are going to be about right for this week, as they play against the Lions. The Lions while did win last week, have allowed opposing QB's to get at least 16 Fantasy points in every single game, which is what Carr would need to return value. This seems like a surefire pick for cash games.

Matthew Stafford ($7,000) - It may feel a little awkward seeing Stafford listed here, but just hear me out. The Raiders defense hasn't been as stout as one would think. Just like the Lions, they have been susceptible to QB's. The only times that the Raiders have held an opposing QB to less than 17 fantasy points was when they faced Peyton Manning, and Teddy Bridgewater. Peyton Manning has been awful this year, so throw that game out. Bridgewater could have been better if Rudolph hadn't dropped a pass in the endzone when he was wide open. Also factor in you don't need to throw the ball when you have Adrian Peterson, and you give him a pass as well. This means that Stafford in an offense that is awful at running the ball and needs to throw it should have a great chance to put up some good numbers here.

Running Backs:

Charcandrick West ($7,100) - Over the last three weeks, since West has been implemented as the lone starter, he hasn't had fewer than 24 touches in that span. Not only is he seeing a lot of touches, he has been productive with them, and not just against easy defenses. West now gets his chance to shine some more against the Chargers, who allow the most fantasy points to opposing RB's on the year. Of the 9 games the Chargers have played, 7 of the opposing teams have rushed for over 100 yards, and one of the other two times they were playing against the Lions. West has been a key member of that offense, and has 412 total yards and 4 TD's over the last three games. I expect over 100 yards and at least one TD to be easy for West here on Sunday.

Jonathan Stewart ($7,000) - For the past five weeks, Stewart has seen at least 20 carries in each of them. He has quietly starting to play much better after starting the season off real slow. Now he gets the opportunity to fully breakout for the season in what will be a great matchup for him. The Panthers play the Redskins this week, a team that has allowed opposing RB's in the past five weeks to rush for at least 147 yards in each game. With Stewart likely to see 20 carries again this week, I don't see him having a problem racking up the yards, and having an okay shot at getting in the endzone as well.

Lamar Miller ($7,400) - Since Dan Campbell became the interim head coach, Lamar Miller has scored 7 TD's and totaled 622 yards over that 5 game span. Nothing appears to be slowing Miller down lately, and I think it is safe to say you can add the Cowboys to that list after Sunday. The Cowboys have really only stopped the Eagles RB's so far this year, other than that they have struggled to stop anyone. With as bad as the Cowboys defense is, and with how Miller has played recently, feel confident playing him at this salary point, and continue to consider him until the price is up there with the top backs.

Wide Receivers:

Danny Amendola ($6,100) - I don't have much to say about this one other then Julian Edelman is hurt, and this is where he usually is. Tom Brady threw the ball to Amendola enough last week even with Edelman healthy for part of the game to get him 10 receptions. I think there is a good chance we see Amendola step up and do exactly what Edelman was doing. Somewhere around 8 receptions and 100 yards with a good chance of a TD is in play here. At these prices put him into all of your cash game lineups and use the extra cash to upgrade elsewhere.

Mike Evans ($8,000) - In three of his past four games, Mike Evans has had 8 receptions and over 125 yards. While he has only scored one TD so far this year, I am not worried about this. He is such a good redzone target and deep threat that the TD's will come here. Now you look at this week where the Bucs are facing the Eagles, who have struggled containing WR's. Evans is the only guy Winston trusts to throw the ball to, meaning another game of 8 receptions and around 120 yards is something that is easily attainable. I also think he ends the game with two TD's, putting him back on track for that great season.

Michael Crabtree ($6,500) - Well with recommending Derrick Carr, I figure at least one of his receivers should be considered as well. Between Cooper and Crabtree, I view Cooper as being more likely to do better, but not by much. Then you factor in the $700 difference between them, and I would much rather take the extra $700 and play Crabtree. For the year Crabtree has averaged 13.3 FanDuel points, already putting him over double his salary. With the Raiders facing the Lions, somethign along the lines of 80 yards and a TD is what I see happening here. Over the last four weeks he is averaging 82 yards and 1 TD a game. Only a 2 yard difference from my projection, so expect that recent average to hold true here.

Stevie Johnson ($5,600) - Well I am pretty sure that Stevie Johnson is the only receiver who isn't hurt on the Chargers currently. This means that Rivers will have to constantly look his way when dropping back to pass. In the last game Johnson saw 7 receptions, and I see that holding true for the rest of the year. For this week though, Johnson has some upside facing the Chiefs, the 2nd worse team at trying to contain WR's. If we know one thing, it is that the Chargers will be throwing the ball for most of the game, resulting in plenty of opportunities for Johnson. All Johnson needs here to return value is 8 receptions for 80 yards, and not even need a TD to get double his salary. When the price point is this low for a number one option on a team that all they do is throw, you have yourself a great cash game play.

Tight Ends:

Rob Gronkowski ($8,400) - He has been in this article pretty much every week, as he is just that much better than everyone else at the position. Last time the Patriots played the Bills he went for over 100 yards and scored a TD. That should be what you can expect this week, as there were more players out there for the Patriots last time around. Some of the targets that were going to Lewis and Edelman will find there way over to Gronkowski, making him a safe play here.

Eric Ebron ($5,400) - If you can't find the room to put Gronkowski in, take a look at Eric Ebron. As I usually do here, I am putting the TE who is going up against the Raiders. Last week the Raiders should have allowed two TD's to TE's, but Kyle Rudolph I guess thought catching a wide open pass wasn't exciting enough for him. Either way, the Raiders have allowed a TE to all opposing teams except for the Broncos (of course Peyton Manning again the reason). Eric Ebron isn't getting the yards, but he is being targeted enough for me to feel comfortable playing him in a cash game.


Dan Bailey ($4,600) - Not quite minimum price, but only $100 more than that. I just don't like any of the kickers that are at the minimum price this week, so I am going up slightly to find mine. The Cowboys face the Dolphins this week, a team you can score on. Also Tony Romo will be the QB again, which means the Cowboys offense doesn't have to suffer through terrible play from their QB anymore, which means they will be able to move the ball again.


Seattle Seahawks ($5,400) - I am taking full advantage of Blaine Gabbert with this pick. I don't think he is a good QB, and should be good for at least a few turnovers here. He faced a Falcons team that is struggling last week, and now he gets one of the best defenses in the league in the Seahawks. Expect to have the Seahawks sack and cause turnovers all game here, with a potential TD coming from it as well.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Derrick Carr

RB: Charcandrick West

RB: Jonathan Stewart

WR: Danny Amendola

WR: Mike Evans

WR: Stevie Johnson

TE: Rob Gronkowski

Kicker: Dan Bailey

Defense: Seattle Seahawks