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FanDuel NBA DFS value picks for November 20th.

Value picks for November 20th NBA DFS...

T.J. McConnell looks like a good DFS deal tonight...
T.J. McConnell looks like a good DFS deal tonight...
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone,

Fake Teams asked me to start writing about DFS for basketball, and what Fake Teams wants, Fake Teams gets.

I don't need to tell you to spend $10 grand to get Anthony Davis, so I won't waste your time with that.

I'm looking for DEALS.

I won't set a dollar amount - as they obviously fluctuate in DFS - but my goal is to find you the BEST players available for the best PRICES.

And now you're in love with me.

So annoying.

Let's begin.

1. Cory Joseph, TOR, PG ($4400)

A banged up Toronto team is giving the Raps' 2nd unit PG more usage. And he is producing... Cory Joseph's fate is dependent on minutes, but he's a threat for double digit scoring - with 5 & 5 (AST & REB) every night...

2. T.J. McConnell, PHI, PG ($5100)

He gets a little better every game... Coming off a career best 16 points (on 7 of 9 shooting!), there could be a tremendous amount of value here tonight...

3. Jamal Crawford, LAC, SG ($4400)

Curiously, strangely, underrated. How many 6th Man of the Year awards do you need to get some respect? Jamal is getting older, but he's still doing what he does best: scoring the basketball. Dude dropped 37 the other day. Do the right thing here...

4. Arron Afflalo, NYK, SG ($4600)

Healthy, and starting to get into the groove... He's still shaking rust off - and he's no guarantee (Crawford is a MUCH better bet) - but Afflalo still has that scoring touch. He could start scoring in the 20s any day now (with counting stats to go with it)...

5. T.J. Warren, PHX, SF ($5000)

A bit risky, but he's been steadily improving. He's becoming a professional scorer, and I really like his upside. He's capable of a breakout game any/every game. The only question is his health. He appears ready to go tonight, but is dealing with some sort of minor illness... Monitor his health situation closely tonight.

6. Harrison Barnes, GS, SF ($5100)

On a team with Steph Curry, there is value outside the spotlight... Always inconsistent, HB is capable of really solid stat lines every night. 17 & 9 comes up every so often, but so does 11 & 4. A bit risky, but he plays the good/bad game. Will he be good tonight?

7. Terrence Jones, HOU, PF ($5700)

There is risk here, but also mammoth upside. TJ's health is always the big question mark - as the dude seems cursed with health problems. He's also inconsistent when he's HEALTHY. But he also has the kind of upside where he could put up the BEST Fantasy stat line of the NIGHT - any time he actually plays. For high stakes, I'd roll on his upside...

8. Kristaps Porzingis, NYK, C ($6000)

Far from a guarantee, but he could blow your house down. Coming off a monster 29 & 11 performance, he's all the rage right now. He's also shooting 40% from the field. He's a rook - a very big rook - so consistency is always going to be an issue. It's hard to see him topping 29 & 11, but anywhere in that ballpark would be ideal... (He could also fall apart. Just saying...)

9. Kelly Olynyk, BOS, C ($3700)

Very inconsistent, but capable of beastly stat lines. He's more likely to fail than succeed, but when Kelly is clicking, he's doing everything: points, 3s, boards, steals, blocks. He probably won't click on all cylinders on any given night, but if you're low on cash in the C position, you could do worse than Kelly Olynyk...

10. Clint Capela, HOU, C ($4300)

Very uncertain being in Dwight Howard's shadow, but a perpetual threat if/when Howard is injured/gets into foul trouble. Very risky, but his per-36s are godly. Every time he gets opportunity, he shines. The more minutes, the more numbers. It's automatic. But guessing on Capela's nightly minutes played is Russian Roulette... If he plays though, you win.

So there are 10 guys I like that won't cost you an arm & a leg.

If you want value, it almost always comes with RISK.

But if you wanna play with the big boys, you gotta deal with it.

I think I'm gonna like DFS...