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Week 11 QB Rankings: Numerous Options

Need a streamer? Deciding between two quarterbacks? Jacob Adler dives into the Week 11 QB matchups for his top plays of the week.

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At first glance, I could see myself starting any quarterback down to Ryan Tannehill, my 16th-ranked quarterback. Week 11 features depth and options at the quarterback spot, rather than a few quality options.

I don't feel too strongly about my top four, as Tom Brady gets a tough Buffalo defense that he shredded earlier this season. Carson Palmer draws the Bengals, who have allowed only two 300-yard passers in 2015. I don't know what to think of the Washington defense that I can see giving Cam Newton fits, but its secondary is vulnerable and it has been beat through the run game. Aaron Rodgers is not a guy I feel comfortable having in the top four, but if he bounces back he could easily be fantasy football's top scorer this week.

Now onto this week's streaming quarterbacks.

Marcus Mariota against Jacksonville Jaguars

While everybody else suffers from recency bias after Marcus Mariota's Week 10 dud versus a strong defense in Carolina, you should take advantage of Mariota's prime matchup with lowly Jacksonville. Cam Newton and Jameis Winston were the only two quarterbacks to throw fewer than 34 pass attempts against the Jaguars, which means more likely than not that Mariota will see volume against a poor pass defense.

Ryan Fitzpatrick against Houston Texans

A recycled stat from yesterday's waiver wire article: While playing for the Houston Texans, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 358 yards and six touchdowns in his 2014 matchup with his 2013 team in the Tennessee Titans. Now, he plays against Houston as a member of the New York Jets. Houston's shutting Andy Dalton and Cincinnati down lowers this week's ceiling in my opinion, but Fitzpatrick should be trusted as a low-end QB1 if he can last through the game.

Alex Smith against San Diego Chargers

Yeah, I'm not thrilled about recommending Alex Smith, either. But San Diego has allowed great fantasy days to all opposing quarterbacks this season save Teddy Bridgewater, and Smith is coming off a respectable effort versus division rival Denver. Smith only has one 300-yard game on the season and this could be the second, but he has achieved (fluky?) fantasy relevance with his feet.

Brock Osweiler against Chicago Bears

I was hoping to avoid touching on Brock Osweiler here as I am not myself convinced for this week, but I have to admit this matchup with Chicago is appealing. I'm honestly unsure of how Chicago has smothered a few of the quarterbacks it has faced thus far, but Osweiler doesn't need to be great to reach 200 yards and a pair of touchdowns with his weapons.

Matt Hasselbeck against Atlanta Falcons

Serviceable in his two starts earlier this season, Matt Hasselbeck faces an Atlanta defense that has deceptive defense-versus-position numbers due to an extremely easy schedule so far. Hasselbeck likely carries a low ceiling but has decent odds at reaching QB2 numbers.

1 Tom Brady New England Patriots Buffalo Bills
2 Carson Palmer Arizona Cardinals Cincinnati Bengals
3 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Washington Redskins
4 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings
5 Marcus Mariota Tennesse Titans Jacksonville Jaguars
6 Derek Carr Oakland Raiders Detroit Lions
7 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions Oakland Raiders
8 Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys Miami Dolphins
9 Ryan Fitzpatrick Houston Texans New York Jets
10 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers
11 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs
12 Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals Arizona Cardinals
13 Blake Bortles Jacksonville Jaguars Tennesse Titans
14 Tyrod Taylor Buffalo Bills New England Patriots
15 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Indianapolis Colts
16 Ryan Tannehill Miami Dolphins Dallas Cowboys
17 Alex Smith Kansas City Chiefs San Diego Chargers
18 Brock Osweiler Denver Broncos Chicago Bears
19 Matt Hasselbeck Indianapolis Colts Atlanta Falcons
20 Mark Sanchez Philadelphia Eagles Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21 Jameis Winston Tampa Bay Buccaneers Philadelphia Eagles
22 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens St. Louis Rams
23 Teddy Bridgewater Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
24 Case Keenum St. Louis Rams Baltimore Ravens
25 Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins Carolina Panthers
26 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears Denver Broncos
27 T.J. Yates Houston Texans New York Jets
28 Blaine Gabbert San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks