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Week 11 Wide Receiver Rankings - Standard Leagues

With a couple big receivers on bye this week, you may need help finding a replacement. Robert has his WR rankings for week 11 to help you find that guy to plug in and play.

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It is that time of year where you are needing to get just a couple more wins to put yourself in a great playoff position. With it already being week 11, fantasy playoffs will be starting for most in just 3 more weeks. This means you are either already setup in great shape, or need to grind out some victories to feel safe in making it to the playoffs. Each decision that you make is crucial, as one misstep could be the difference in winning that week, or losing, and missing out on the playoffs by that one game. Consult the rankings below to try and mitigate the risk of making those decisions this week, especially if you are one of the Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr. owners. Let's get to the rankings, and some commentary on a few guys below.

Teams on Bye: Browns, Giants, Saints, Steelers

Rank Player Team Opponent
1 Julio Jones Falcons Colts
2 Dez Bryant Cowboys Dolphins
3 DeAndre Hopkins Texans Jets
4 Allen Robinson Jaguars Titans
5 Calvin Johnson Lions Raiders
6 Mike Evans Buccaneers Eagles
7 Brandon Marshall Jets Texans
8 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals Bengals
9 Amari Cooper Raiders Lions
10 Demaryius Thomas Broncos Bears
11 Eric Decker Jets Texans
12 Allen Hurns Jaguars Titans
13 A.J. Green Bengals Cardinals
14 Michael Crabtree Raiders Lions
15 Sammy Watkins Bills Patriots
16 Danny Amendola Patriots Bills
17 Randall Cobb Packers Vikings
18 T.Y. Hilton Colts Falcons
19 Emmanuel Sanders Broncos Bears
20 Jordan Matthews Eagles Buccaneers
21 Alshon Jeffery Bears Broncos
22 Davante Adams Packers Vikings
23 Stevie Johnson Chargers Chiefs
24 Stefon Diggs Vikings Packers
25 Brandon LaFell Patriots Bills
26 Jarvis Landry Dolphins Cowboys
27 Michael Floyd Cardinals Bengals
28 Marvin Jones Bengals Cardinals
29 Rishard Mathews Dolphins Cowboys
30 Jeremy Maclin Chiefs Chargers
31 Nate Washington Texans Jets
32 Kamar Aiken Ravens Rams
33 Donte Moncrief Colts Falcons
34 Tavon Austin Rams Ravens
35 Doug Baldwin Seahawks 49ers
36 DeSean Jackson Redskins Panthers
37 John Brown Cardinals Bengals
38 Terrance Williams Cowboys Dolphins
39 Robert Woods Bills Patriots
40 Jamison Crowder Redskins Panthers
41 Dontrelle Inman Chargers Chiefs
42 Ted Ginn Jr. Panthers Redskins
43 Devin Funchess Panthers Redskins
44 James Jones Packers Vikings
45 Golden Tate Lions Raiders
46 Torrey Smith 49ers Seahawks
47 Lance Moore Lions Raiders
48 Dorial Green-Beckham Titans Jaguars
49 Leonard Hankerson Falcons Colts
50 Harry Douglas Titans Jaguars

Dez Bryant - Finally Tony Romo is going to be back. The Cowboys have said that Romo will be starting this week, and this will mark the first time that Bryant and Romo have played together since week 1. When Romo was out, we still saw Bryant put up some decent numbers. With Romo, we can expect Dez to go back to being that top 5 receiver he was expected to be. The Dolphins secondary has been middle of the pack this year in there ability to defend opposing receivers, which means Dez can use his superior skills to make them look worse than average. Dez and Romo will let everyone know that the Cowboys are still alive, by putting up some big numbers here.

DeAndre Hopkins - I really don't care who is throwing him the football, or who is guarding him for that matter. Hopkins has shown throughout the entire season that his talent alone is enough to fortify his top 3 ranking. Hoyer may be out for this weeks game, but Yates showed in his limited time on Monday night that he is willing to just chuck the ball up to Hopkins regardless of what kind of coverage he has. This is actually good news then going into a week where Hopkins will be guarded by Revis the entire game. We saw just two weeks ago Allen Robinson have a great game against Revis. Hopkins has more pure talent than Robinson, and I think we will see Hopkins have no problems putting up another big game.

A.J. Green - What exactly is going on with A.J. Green? So far this year he has only two games of over 100 yards, and only scored 4 TD's, with only 1 in the last 6 games. It is hard for me to rank him outside the top 10, but I have to do so with these kinds of performances lately. Also factor in that he is going up against a tough Cardinals defense, and I can't find a way to rank him higher then the guys i already have ahead of him. At this point I wouldn't be shocked if he went out and only had 40 receiving yards, but I also wouldn't be shocked if he had 180 receiving yards and 2 TD's. Even past this one week, I don't know if he is someone to buy, or someone to sell off name value. Maybe see what kind of value he holds in your leagues if you can get a nice offer for him, but otherwise hold on and wait for the ship to right itself here soon hopefully.

Jordan Matthews - Well that was not a way to follow up a great week 9 performance. Matthews went from looking like he might be back, to falling flat on his face again. So you may be asking why I still have him ranked in the top 20 then.. The answer to this is actually Mark Sanchez. As painful as it is to say, Sanchez is better for his value then Bradford was. Going down the stretch of the 2014 season, when Sanchez was the starter, that is when Matthews started to emerge. Based on the receivers left in Philly, Matthews is really the only one outside of Ertz that Sanchez is comfortable throwing the ball to. Because of this, I expect a large uptick in targets for Matthews, and with that the yards will come along. He has the opportunity to rank higher the rest of the way if this is what actually happens, and Sanchez stays as the starter.

Donte Moncrief - A hurt Andrew Luck is the worst thing for Donte Moncrief. When Hasselbeck was the starter earlier this year, he had a total of 7 receptions for 78 yards in those two games. I think the Colts will revert to the same gameplan as those two weeks. They will feed Gore the ball to manage the clock, and Hilton will be the only go-to receiver, and Coby Fleener might find himself with some value yet again. With so many mouths to feed in Indy, and a backup QB doing it, Moncrief presents a risky proposition, even if he is talented.

Dontrelle Inman - The numbers for Inman this year left something to be desired, but when you are this far down the rankings, opportunity wins out. Malcom Floyd is going to be out this week, and potentially the rest of the season, giving room for Inman to become a starter opposite of Stevie Johnson. Of the two, Inman is more like a Flanker, while Johnson is the possession receiver. Inman has an intriguing blend of size and speed, reminiscent of a Malcom Floyd. I think that there is a chance he could put up a good game here in the high flying Chargers attack, but he is such an unknown, the risk is greater than the reward. If you need that big upside play, Inman may be your guy.