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Fantasy Basketball: 5 Waiver Wire Surprises

Hidden gems from the 2015/16 Fantasy Basketball season...

When Mario Chalmers finally comes back to earth, what will he look like?
When Mario Chalmers finally comes back to earth, what will he look like?
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas isn't for about a month, but the stockings are full.

A few precious gifts have presented themselves. Hopefully you checked your stocking before your little brother did.

He's a kleptomaniac.

It's bad.

Your only solace is the knowledge that these Christmas treats are likely fleeting - with an expiration date on the horizon.

But maybe not.

Let's begin.

1. Jarrett Jack, BKN, PG/SG

Jarrett Jack is beasting.

He's an inconsistent performer on a terrible team, but that doesn't mean he won't have sustained Fantasy Basketball value this season.

This is a team with limited talent, and that means opportunity presents itself.

His numbers are the highest in years - and he's currently white hot (like one of the hottest players in the game hot) - so he will likely come back to earth any moment now.

But we could be looking at a career year.

By all indications, JJ is finally healthy. And there is usage available in the Russian wastelands of Brook...

He might be worth trading for - if there's an owner that thinks he/she can outsmart you with a "sell high" strategy. Don't pay for the last 7 days, but I wouldn't underestimate Jarrett either...

2. Mario Chalmers, MEM, PG/SG

I'm firmly on the "trade Mario Chalmers now" train, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being intrigued...

After a mundane, early season trade to Memphis, nobody could have expected this. After an entire career as an afterthought, Chalmers is averaging 10 PPG OVER his career numbers.

So yes, it's not difficult to predict a crash (and a crash IS coming) - but how far will he fall?

He appears to be getting usage and respect - and while it's only been 3 games - it's not unheard of for trades to rejuvenate players.

I would trade him if people are getting overly excited about his upside, but there is an intriguing asset here. Don't give him away...

3. Zach LaVine, MIN, PG

Underhyped entering the season, LaVine has tonnes of upside.

He's really starting to figure out the NBA game.

Your reigning Dunk Champion is turning into a solid NBA player.

He's playing LESS minutes per game - and getting MORE counting stats. His efficiency stats are all way higher too.

There is a simple explanation here: He is getting BETTER.

I would trade to get LaVine. He's trending upward for the right reasons. If you were lucky enough to land him with a late round pick, you are reaping the rewards...

Enjoy him, or go get him - and then enjoy him.

4. T.J. McConnell, PHI, PG

I get a pain in my soul every time I recommend a Sixer.

This team is in a perpetual state of flux, and they seem to love to trade away their assets for draft picks at any given moment. For NOW, TJM is a player of interest.

He's starting, and putting up solid numbers: 6.9 AST, 1.3 STL, 2.5 TO.

He's a low end option, and it's never easy to trust undrafted NBA free agents. But as long as he's the starting PG, he's going to help you in the PG cats. And since he virtually has no track record, we have to assume there's upside here...

Don't trade for him, but he might be hanging out on your waiver wire.

Give him a whirl.

5. Mirza Teletovic, PHX, SF/PF

Strictly for the deep leaguers, Teletovic is an undervalued asset.

He was a dependable scorer last year for Brooklyn - until a major injury ended his season prematurely.

The Suns have weird rotations, but as Mirza gets into game shape, he's starting to come around. Double digit scoring the last couple games, and this could continue all year....

I'm looking at him in 16+ leagues, but there is 14-team upside here.

He has no value in a dynasty, but decent scoring numbers (with mediocre counting stats) isn't terrible to find in the FA pool.

Try him out. You'll be glad you did.

So Christmas came early this year.

I'm happy about that.

Last year, I had a major controversy getting the same present twice.

It's a memory I need to forget.

Totally asking for gift cards this year.

It's just practical.