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FanDuel DFS Value Plays for Week 10

Lots of great values out there this week on FanDuel! Here is a look at a few of my favorites for Week 10.

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Nice try gents -
Nice try gents -
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FanDuel: Risk-Free Week 10 Fantasy Football League

Many of you play in season-long fantasy football leagues, while more and more of you are playing one day fantasy leagues. If you like the action of the one day leagues, make sure you join the FanDuel/SB Nation one day fantasy football leagues. All you need to do is click on the link below and join a league.

Enter the Risk-Free Week 10 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
  • Top half of teams wins $10
  • Bottom half gets full refund ($5 entry)
  • Pick anyone you want - stay under the salary cap

FanDuel/SB Nation Risk-Free Fantasy Football League: Week 10

There is another killer slate this week in the NFL and at FanDuel. This is a great week to save on quarterback, and there are plenty of values at RB this week too. So, provided you don't live in a state thinks your money is their money, soda size is something worth spending a lot of time and energy on, and that gambling is sinful except for the lotto and stock and market, come on down to Texas. We have plenty of room!


Green Bay Packers - $4,900

Coming off of a couple of tough losses in a row, the Pack host the Detroit Lions this week. Detroit is coming out of their bye, normally a positive, but the Lions have been so bad. Stafford drops back, takes his first read, decides against it, and then he has pass rushers all around him on every passing down. While the Packers have their share of flaws, I think they handle Detroit easily this week, forcing some turnovers and getting to Stafford several times.

Philadelphia Eagles - $4,700

The Eagles host the Miami Dolphins this week, and Vegas things the Eagles will take this one. Miami has looked great against poor opponents, and bad against good teams. The Eagles DST has been a nice, steady play this year, and if the Eagles can get out to a lead early, things could get out of hand quickly with Tannehill at the helm.


Brian Hoyer - $6,800

Houston is a big road underdog in this week's Monday Night Football matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. However, Hoyer has been, for fantasy purposes, and excellent quarterback option this year. The Texans are throwing the ball more than anyone in the league, and while they have plenty of deficiencies, their receiver corps is not one of them. I expect the Texans to lose this week, but I expect Hoyer to have a nice stat line at the end of the day.

Matt Cassel - $6,300

Cassel put up a big number for us last week against the Eagles. With another week of practice under his belt, I expect him to continue to improve. Against a weak Bucs defense (the Bucs are 8th in points allowed so far this year), the Cowboys should be able to keep up. At a cost of only $6,300, Cassel is a great salary saver option at quarterback this week.

Running Back

DeMarco Murray - $7,700

Murray is coming off a nice week against his old team. He'll face a Miami Dolphins defense that has given up the second most yards on the ground this year. With Murray, there is always the fear that Ryan Matthews could get hot, or get those high impact goal-line carries, but I think Murray is worth the gamble this week. Philadelphia is currently favored by 6 and playing at home, missing Cameron Wake, and coming off of 2 bad losses. That trend continues this week when the Dolphins are crushed by the Eagles, Murray leading the way.

DeAngelo Williams - $7,600

This is a ‘don't get cute with it' pick if there ever was one. DWill put up insane number last week, and this week he'll face the worst rush-defense in the league. Yes, Ben Roethlisberger is expected to miss this game, but the Steelers receivers are more than talented enough to command respect even if it is Landry Jones throwing them the ball. The Steelers will lean on Williams to try and get them to their bye week with a win against the plucky Cleveland Browns. I think the Steelers win fairly comfortably, and DWilly puts up another solid score.

Joique Bell - $5,200

If you're looking to save a few bucks at running back, Bell is a nice play this week. Joique looked good on his handful of carries against the Chiefs before the Lion's bye. Detroit is at a vital point in their season, and this game may dictate whether they are able to build some momentum and finish strong, or spiral toward the number 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft. Bell has competition in the backfield, but he's certainly the short yardage back. The Packers give up plenty of yards, if the Lions get a chance to punch one in from the goal-line, Bell could almost immediately pay off his low-low price.

Wide Receiver

Demaryius Thomas - $7,900

Thomas, statistically, had his worst game of the season last week. He's been held out of the end zone for 5 straight weeks, and the Broncos running game is sputtering to life. I know it isn't great analysis, but if anyone was ever due for a big game, Thomas is it. Last time Denver took on the Chiefs, Thomas posted 116 yards on 8 targets. This week, Thomas finally finds the end-zone and has an otherwise big day.

Allen Robinson - $7,500

The Ravens give it up through the air, surrendering the 4th most yards on average this year. The Jaguars have been playing from behind and chucking the rock all year, and Allen Robinson has been a great beneficiary. Robinson's worst day in the past month came last week against the Jets, where he only posted 121 receiving yards on 6 catches. This week, he's not facing a team with a good pass rush and Darrelle Revis. Like most of the Jags' games this year, I expect scoring early and often for both sides. This bodes well for Robinson, likely my most highly owned receiver this week.

DeSean Jackson - $6,000

This is 95% a bet against the New Orleans defense, and a 5% vote of confidence in Kirk Cousins. Jackson has been relatively quiet this year, fighting injury and playing for a bad team, but if you had to point to a game on the schedule and predict a big game, this is the one. At $6k, Jackson provides some nice salary relief, and against the Saints, he could have a monster day.

Tight End

Greg Olsen - $6,300

Olsen continues to be a reliable target for Cam Newton, and every week, Olsen is the best bet to lead the Panthers in receiving yards. In a good matchup against a bad Tennessee Titans team, this week again, I like Olsen as a salary saver option to Gronk-Smash.

Jordan Reed - $5,800

Reed wasn't spectacular last week, but he did haul in another touchdown. Washington is playing New Orleans this week, so any excuse you want to use to try and get players from Washington in to your lineup is a good one. Reed has Cousin's eye, and they clearly have chemistry together. If this game follows a similar script to the Saints' past couple of weeks, there are going to be plenty of scoring opportunities to go around. I'd be surprised if Reed doesn't drop 20 on the Saints this week.


Josh Brown - $4,800

The Pats at Giants matchup has the highest over under this week, and Brown has been superb so far this season. I, and Vegas too, think there will be plenty of scoring opportunities in this game. So, I'll see what Brown can do for me.

Dustin Hopkins - $4,500

Hopkins is a nice minimum salary option this week. Washington against the Saints has the second highest over/under, so Hopkins is expected to have plenty of chances to score.

That's it for me for this week er'body. Good luck out there!