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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 10

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for Week 10.

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FanDuel: Risk-Free Week 10 Fantasy Football League

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Enter the Risk-Free Week 10 Fantasy Football League

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FanDuel/SB Nation Risk-Free Fantasy Football League: Week 10

You know the drill by now. We have been doing this for over half of the season so far, and will keep it the same going forward. This intro won't be long, that way you can get straight into my picks for the week. So why wait any longer and let's get right to the picks.


Blake Bortles ($7,800) - Whether you think Bortles is a good NFL QB or not doesn't matter. What does matter is how great he is for DFS. Bortles is averaging just over 20 points per game, and now gets to play against the worst pass defense, the Ravens. The Ravens have done nothing to shutdown opposing QB's, and that won't be any different here. The only teams to not post at least 19 points against the Ravens are a Peyton Manning led Broncos in week one, and Mike Vick in his first start of the season. Bortles has thrown for 2 or more TD's in 4 straight weeks, and he won't have any trouble making it a fifth here.

Tom Brady ($9,100) - There is no reason Brady should have dropped $400 from last week. The Giants allowed Drew Brees to do whatever he wanted against them a couple weeks ago, and Brady is better than Brees. Last week was the first time all year Brady had less than 22 fantasy points, and it was still just under 19. You know this pick is going to be safe, I just like the little bit of savings I can get with Bortles more for this week based on the matchups.

Running Backs:

DeAngelo Williams ($7,600) - He was a recommendation of mine last week, and after that performance he finds himself here again. While not having Big Ben will hurt his value, it won't have that much of an effect. The Steelers are still going to be able to move the ball against the Browns, giving Williams plenty of opportunity for a redzone score. On top of that, the Browns have allowed over 100 rushing yards to opposing Running Backs for five straight weeks. The Steelers do trust Landry Jones, however when you have someone playing as well as Williams is currently, you force feed him the ball. I expect over 100 yards in this game, and at least one score to go with it.

James Starks ($6,000) - This week the Packers announced that Starks would be taking over the starting Running Back duties going forward. This isn't all that shocking of news seeing how bad Eddie Lacy has looked all year. Starks has also played fairly well, which pressed the issue for the Packers, as they need to worry about winning games, and not trying to ride out Lacy till he comes out of his funk. this is a perfect week to play Starks in your cash games. The salary is extremely low, and he has a fantastic matchup. The Lions are one of the five worst defenses against RB's. While a big game isn't likely here, there is a great chance for him to score a TD, and rush for at least 80 yards on top of a TD.

Darren McFadden ($7,000) - Over the last three games, McFadden has averaged just over 28 touches a game over that span. That is an absurd number, but one I actually think is about right. What are the Cowboys going to do, let Matt Cassel throw the ball more? McFadden is the one guy they can trust outside of Dez Bryant in this offense. In two of those three games, McFadden has gone for over 100 yards, and the other game was against the touch Seahawks defense. McFadden will continue to get his 25+ touches this week, and with that should easily amass for more than 100 yards, and get a TD to go along with it.

Wide Receivers:

Allen Robinson ($7,500) - The salary has not caught up with the production yet. Over the last four weeks Robinson has averaged 18.5 points per game on FanDuel. That is an elite average to have over that span, considering he had Revis shadowing him for an entire game in there. This week his matchup gets a lot easier for him. The Ravens have the worst pass defense, and you know that since I love Bortles this week, Robinson would follow. Robinson is setup to have one of his best weeks of the year, and should be in all of your cash game lineups no matter what.

Demaryius Thomas ($7,900) - I know you have to trust Peyton Manning to make this selection, but for some reason I actually do this week. Manning has been looking better lately, not like he used to look, but better then the beginning of the year. The Chiefs have been the worst at defending opposing WR's, making this a prime matchup for the Bronco receiver to get back on track here. His price has dipped to a point where it underrates the skills he still possess. Thomas has been seeing the targets so far this year, and this looks like the perfect game for him to capitalize on it.

Jarvis Landry (7,000) - We just saw slot receiver Cole Beasley light up the Eagles defense last week, and now it is Landry's turn. While last week Landry only had 69 receiving yards, he had 11 receptions to go with it. His yardage total will always be capped, but there will still be plenty of receptions. This week Landry won't do as well as Beasley did a week ago, but a similar line could be in order. 10 receptions for 100+ yards is what could easily be in his output. A score however I won't put at too high of a chance at happening, but the downside to this pick is so little I don't care.

Stefon Diggs ($6,600) - Last week wasn't one of Diggs best, but I didn't expect it to be. The Rams defense had been playing great lately, and I figured it would cause some tough times for Diggs to try and be productive. Well this week the Vikings get an easier matchup with the Raiders. We just saw Antonio Brown and the Steelers put up points against that Raiders defense. While Diggs isn't anywhere near the level of player Brown is, they play a similar style. Both guys are good route runners, with good hands, and quickness off the line. Bridgewater is on track to play after a concussion last week, meaning Diggs has his familiar QB. I expect Diggs to put up numbers close to what he was doing before last week here. Something along the lines of 80 yards and a TD seem about right.

Tight Ends:

Rob Gronkowski ($8,000) - Not much to say here. As I have mentioned practically every week, he needs to be in consideration whenever you are creating a cash game lineup. I know he wasn't great last week, but that isn't his norm. Gronk has the highest floor out of anybody at this position, and it isn't even close. Ben Watson lit the Giants defense up a couple weeks ago, your telling me Gronk can't do the same?

Jordan Reed ($5,800) - I was wondering how the targets would be divied out when DeSean Jackson returns, especially as it pertained to Jordan Reed. Last week we saw Jackson return, and Reed still got 7 targets. Now the yardage output was poor, but he still did get a TD to help salvage his day. Now consider that he is still a focal point in this offense, and he gets a matchup this week against the terrible Saints defense and you have a great option here. If Gronk doesn't make it into your price range, Reed is a great alternative.

If Alshon Jeffery is out, Martellus Bennett ($5,400) becomes a great cash game play with the volume of targets we would then see in the game.


Chris Boswell ($4,500) - The minimum priced kicker of the week. The Steelers will be without Big Ben, however Landry Jones has shown he is still capable of moving the ball down the field. His biggest problem may be finishing out possessions in the redzone, which is great news for Boswell's value. He should get at least 10 points here for you.


Denver Broncos ($5,200) - I know Alex Smith doesn't turn the ball over often, but  that wasn't the case the last time he played the Broncos defense. I was considering the Rams instead for this spot, but they actually cost $200 more than the Broncos. Smith was abused last time, and while I doubt there will be 3 fumbles again this time around, the Broncos have a decent shot at the 2 interceptions and 5 sacks from last time. Broncos are the highest scoring defense, and the only thing that has slowed that down is playing two elite QB's, something Alex Smith isn't.