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NFL Week 10 Survivor and Pick'em

NFL Survivor and Pick'em Selections for Week 8

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Survivor Picks:

Green Bay over Detroit - This SHOULD be an annihilation but I think Detroit keeps it to a 10 point loss.

Carolina over Tennessee - Same thing here, Carolina will win by 7-9 points but they will win.

Pittsburgh over Cleveland - Cleveland MIGHT be the worst team in the league at this point, nothing is working for them.

Survivor Stats - 75%

Week 9 Stats:

Straight: 5 for 12 or 42%
Spread: 5 for 12 or 42%

Year to Date:

Straight: 59%
Spread: 45%

Week 10



Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers (GB -13)



Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB -1)



Carolina Panthers @ Tennessee Titans (Car -5.5)



Chicago Bears @ St. Louis Rams (Stl -7.5)



Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Pit -4.5)



New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins (Even)



Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles (Phi -7)



Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens (Bal -5.5)



Minnesota Vikings @ Oakland Raiders (Oak -3)



New England Patriots @ New  York Giants (NE -8.5)



Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos (Den -5.5)



Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks (Sea -3)



Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals (Cin -12)



Week 10:

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets (NYJ -2.5) - Pick in College article.

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers (GB -13) - Green Bay will be hungry after that embarrassing loss last week but Detroit has an average pass defense and with all the changes I think something small clicks just enough to keep this game within 10 points. Detroit with the points.

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB -1) -Tampa Bay is crossing the line to above average and not everyone is fulling seeing this. Dallas covers the points just before Romo returns.

Carolina Panthers @ Tennessee Titans (Car -5.5) - I was wrong to step off the Panther train. Another win, another spread covered. Look for this to continue against Tennessee.

Chicago Bears @ St. Louis Rams (Stl -7.5) - Both teams are 4-4 against the spread. Chicago is on an uptick lately and starting to improve. The Rams win but the Bears keep it close as they have the last few 5 weeks (all within 3 points).

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Pit -4.5) - Even without Big Ben, the Steelers should have no trouble with the Browns who are struggling on all fronts.

New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins (Even) - Washington at home is 3-1 this season. New Orleans is 1-3. The Redskins have a good defense but the trump card in this matchup is good quarterbacks. Washington has lost to the 2 good qb's faced this season - NE and Atlanta. Drew Brees wins this for the Saints.

Miami Dolphins @ Philadelphia Eagles (Phi -7) - The Eagles are 3-1 over their last 4 games as Chip Kelly is adjusting and figuring out his team. Additionally they are 2-1 at home and Miami is on the last part of a 3 game road stand, they will be tired.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens (Bal -5.5) - Not a fun game to watch most likely. I say Baltimore gets the win but Jacksonville keeps it close as they have improved each of their last 3 games in play and chemistry.

Minnesota Vikings @ Oakland Raiders (Oak -3) - Two fun to watch, up and coming teams this year. The difference maker is the Vikings defense. Oakland has struggled mightily against elite defenses this year usually scoring 10 points or less. This gives Minnesota the edge in this matchup.

New England Patriots @ New  York Giants (NE -8.5) - Ahh the infamous Super Bowl rematch...rematch. New England is notoriously the better regular season team, plus the Giants are terrible in November. Patriots win and cover.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos (Den -5.5) - Earlier this season they lost by 7. Denver is playing better, Denver covers the points on a depleted Chiefs team.

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks (Sea -3) - The fun part about Seattle is that 3 of their 4 losses are to undefeated teams. All of their 4 wins are to teams at 3 wins or under. I put Arizona more in that top echelon and say they win this one.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals (Cin -12) - Cincinnati has won 4 games this season by double digits. That is not an easy feat in the NFL. I say they win against a Texans team struggling to find their identity by 14points and cover.