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Fantasy Basketball: Inconsistent Options with Upside

Some volatile Fantasy Basketball assets for your 2015/16 squad...

Jerami Grant: Sleeper or Asleep?
Jerami Grant: Sleeper or Asleep?
John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

I love you.

I hate you.

Never leave me.

We've all been there, friends.

The passion is great, the pain... not ideal. But at least you feel alive...

There are players that we just can't quit.

Even at the end, I was always convinced Allen Iverson was gonna score 30 every night.

Some players you dream on - no matter how much pain they inflict on your electronic NBA team...

I've rounded up a few guys to dream on - that give us just enough hope, but usually end up with a Taylor Swift golf club on your headlights. Such is life...

Let's begin.

1. Jerami Grant, PHI, SF/PF

I'm not afraid to say it: Jerami Grant is a tease.

He does a little bit of everything.

I mean, the dude is averaging 9.4 PPG and 1.7 BLK playing 25 MPG. For a sophomore on a terrible team, that's considerable upside.

But he likes to play the disappearing game...

He's a young player trying to find consistency - so I'm all for him in deep leagues and dynasties - but Robert Covington is supposed to come back any day now. And that means Grant's usage/minutes could dwindle further down the rabbit hole...

Now while Robert Covington appears to be an asset the Sixers covet, it's still POSSIBLE that Grant carves out a niche role for himself on a team that is constantly evolving... But will it happen this year?

Hard to say.

He's not useful in standard leagues - and is likely a couple years away from helping you in a 12-teamer. But Watch List him for sure. You will hear this name again...

2. D'Angelo Russell, LAL, PG

I recently scooped D'Angelo in a dynasty rookie draft at like #7 overall or something stupid: mostly because people are impatient.

You're talking about the #2 overall draft pick - with piles of upside.

He's super young though, so it might take awhile for the numbers to come. In a dynasty though, I'm not worried at all about D'Angelo Russell...

The reason he's on this list?

DR's 2015/16 expectations are anybody's guess...

He's a rook trying to make a name for himself in the bright lights of one of the NBA's most storied franchises.

He oscillates from glimmers of brilliance to glimmers of underage drinking.

While he's nowhere close to the Fantasy Basketball asset that the beastly Karl-Anthony Towns is, it's certainly possible Russell breaks out at some point during his rookie campaign... It's also possible it takes a couple years to see steady gains.

The best part about NBA rookies is that the ones that play tend to have a steep learning curve. Follow his splits closely, and don't be afraid to steal him from an impatient owner in a deep, 1-year format. I mean, hell, his stock price dropped considerably in a DYNASTY league - because he started slow out of the gate... You may even be able to snag him yourself dirt cheap in a dynasty for owners who lack a long term plan...

Anyway, as per my article title, he's certainly inconsistent. But he certainly has upside.

React accordingly.

3. Tyler Johnson, MIA, PG/SG

Tyler Johnson can play.

But will he play?

After the Heat's recent underwhelming Mario Chalmers trade, the door seems to be open for Tyler Johnson to get run. He was pretty great in limited stretches last year (as a rookie), but how much upside does he really have?

There are guard minutes available in Miami, but TJ has never really displayed superstar potential. He's certainly a rotation player, but is he gonna get enough stats to make a real impact for your squad?

I'm on the fence.

I like what he does in limited minutes, but heavy NBA minutes separate the men from the boys.

Lots of excitable Fantasy Basketball managers added Tyler en masse, but they might very well drop him just as quickly.

If you have a hole in a guard spot, take a flier. But don't give up much (if anything) for him. He's filler - with potential...

4. Isaiah Canaan, PHI, PG/SG

He started the year as a sleeper. He's still sleeping.

Philly thought they had starting PG potential. Now they have frustration potential.

Everything you need to know about Canaan is evident in his last 2 games: Saturday -- 23 points, 6 3PM, 3 STL; Monday -- 3 points.

Say what?

Who the hell is this guy?

If I had to guess, I'd say this volatility will last all season. He's got an uncertain role, and the team is in a perpetual state of flux (and futility). It's possible he could develop some sort of consistent role, but I would bet against that...

5. Cory Joseph, TOR, PG

Cory Joseph is yet another enigma on this list.

He's currently in a strong position to stuff the stat sheet - due to team injuries to DeMarre Carroll and Terrence Ross. While Cory is obviously not a swing, there are minutes available - and Joseph has been productive when he has played.

With that said, he hasn't been lighting the world on fire.

As long as the injuries last, his usage will be higher - and he will likely perform at a higher statistical level - but the injuries to Carroll and Ross aren't expected to last long.

Cory will fall back to earth very shortly, and provide adequate bench production when he does so.

I like his talent and his upside, but unless and until he is able to secure a very significant role (with subsequent usage), Joseph will likely remain as the 5th tease on this list...

So there are 5 names you can curse under your breath.

You might win a couple weeks when these guys are hot, but you'll likely lose a couple weeks when they're cold.

Life has a funny way of providing balance.

Or maybe it doesn't.