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Week 10 Rest of Season Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings: Sell High on Andy Dalton

Up to date rankings of NFL QBs for the remainder of the 2015 fantasy football season before Week 10.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing makes the NFL more fun than fantasy football and few things make fantasy sports more fun than rankings, rankings, and more rankings. QBs are ranked in this post with the ESPN and Yahoo! standard fractional scoring.

Rank Player Team Last Week
1 Tom Brady Patriots 1
2 Cam Newton Panthers 2
3 Aaron Rodgers Packers 3
4 Carson Palmer Cardinals 6
5 Derek Carr Raiders 8
6 Philip Rivers Chargers 4
7 Drew Brees Saints 7
8 Matt Ryan Falcons 9
9 Brian Hoyer Texans 13
10 Blake Bortles Jaguars 14
11 Andy Dalton Bengals 11
12 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers 5
13 Eli Manning Giants 10
14 Ryan Fitzpatrick Jets 18
15 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins 15
16 Jay Cutler Bears 16
17 Matthew Stafford Lions 17
18 Marcus Mariota Titans 23
19 Tony Romo Cowboys 27
20 Jameis Winston Buccaneers 25
21 Joe Flacco Ravens 19
22 Tyrod Taylor Bills 26
23 Josh McCown Browns 20
24 Russell Wilson Seahawks 21
25 Peyton Manning Broncos 22
26 Sam Bradford Eagles 24
27 Andrew Luck Colts 12
28 Alex Smith Chiefs 29
29 Landry Jones Steelers ---
30 Teddy Bridgewater Vikings 28
31 Kirk Cousins Washington 30
32 Blaine Gabbert 49ers 32
33 Nick Foles Rams 31
34 Matt Cassel Cowboys 33
35 Colin Kaepernick 49ers 34


  • There is a special bump for QBs who have already have their bye weeks, as they have eight games remaining to their regular seasons against everyone else's seven. These ranks will swing greatly as QBs eat their byes and have more remaining games on their schedules than their counterparts.

  • These rankings generally hold water with six-point passing TDs. Cam Newton is the notable drops in the escalated passing TD bump closer to the bottom of the top-5 and Russell Wilson is a QB3, behind those whom can project for more passing TDs in garbage time. No one else in the top-24 can be expected to rush for TDs.

  • For two-QB leagues, INTs are something of which to take more caution because losing one less point can bump a 12-point game in standard scoring by about 8-12%, whereas the effects on QB1s are more in the 5-8% range.

  • Ben Roethlisberger may or may not miss time. He also may or may not suck because he may or may not be playing hurt. The Steelers are preparing as if Landry Jones will start Week 10, then they have their bye in Week 11, so the rankings reflect Roethlisberger being irrelevant for two weeks.

  • Andy Dalton at QB11 may seem irrational, but there are three weeks where he cannot really be started as a QB1--Week 11 against the Cardinals, Week 12 against the Rams, and may fantasy Super Bowls in Week 16 against the Broncos. The ten above him do not have this problem, despite the reasonable possibility Dalton accumulates more total fantasy points than Brian Hoyer or Blake Bortles.

  • Matt Ryan, on the other hand, has a schedule too juicy to not place him in the top-8.

  • Drew Brees is similar to Dalton, except we are never really benching Brees. The gap between Brees' home-road splits. Their Week 17 matchup is in Atlanta, so where we don't play Week 17, he can be bumped up as high as QB4 because the Weeks 15 and 16 matches for our playoffs are very juicy and in New Orleans.

  • I did not rank Nick Foles because St. Louis just doesn't pass. He does have a great schedule, though, so is probably QB27 in 2QB leagues, as he is a better QB3 to have than those below that.

  • As we go down the rankings, there is an increase in the weight of strength of schedule. And the better matchups sooner than later are more valuable because there is little value in stashing QB2s. These are not weekly rankings, but the idea of these rankings is to measure whom we should be owning now over whom. A mediocre QB with a bad schedule until Week 12 is useless to our rosters compared a below average QB with two or three nice matchups in the coming weeks.

  • Not sure about Josh McCown. Johnny Manziel may start on Sunday and then we are unsure for a while. If Manziel starts, not sure he is better than QB28 in 2QB leagues, so a very low-end QB2 this week with all of the byes. We should likely be looking to start an RB or WR in that spot where we can.

  • Do your research and use rankings cautiously, as they are always a work-in-progress. Rankings are a bad tools to tell us what to do. They are conversation starters, tier setters, value mirrors, and a combination of the scientific explanations of what has happened with the art of predicting what will happen. Feel free to supply contrary evidence to me on Twitter at @AlexSontySBN or in the comments. They will help me help you.