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Week 4 NHL Keepers, Rookies, and Prospects

A look at the best players rookies and up and coming prospects through week 4

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the last day in week 4 of the NHL season, how is your team doing? A lot has changed in the NHL this past week, and with that, a lot of players looking more like their old selves. With a lot of injuries popping up, and there has been a lot of them, the waiver wire is looking more and more scarce. The following  is a look at a few guys worth picking up if they are available in your league.

Keeper: Tyler Seguin (DAL)

The 2010 2nd overall pick has really found a comfortable fit in Dallas these past couple years. Playing on the top line with Jaime Benn, Seguin found himself at the top of the league in scoring last year, and is picking up right where he left off, Seguin currently leads the league with 11 assists, and is fighting for the top in points and goals with his own linemate. The two of them together are making Dallas have one of the most potent offenses in the NHL. Did I mention Tyler is only 23 years old? It seems the trouble that followed him around in Boston is behind him as he is in a more offensive role and also back in his natural position at center. Keep your eye on this kid, and if he's on your roster, keep him there.

Rookie: Jack Eichel (BUF)

Coming into the season there was a lot of attention focused on Eichel and McDavid. They both are currently on teams that still need a lot of work, but both are currently making their marks on their teams. EIchel is currently sitting on 4 goals through 11 games. What's more impressive, is the highlights he is making away from the puck. This kid has a great hockey IQ already and has all the time in the world to grow up some more. His biggest weakness is playing on a depleated Buffalo Sabres team. His best options to pass to are Evander Kane and Ryan O'Reilly, both at best we're 2nd line guys when they were with Winnepeg and Colorado respectively. Still with a new coach in Buffalo who came from, what was that team again? Oh, right, the Penguins. Dan Bylsma worked with Crosby and Malkin, so he knows how to work with top teir talent. Look for Eichel's progress as the season continues on, and if he's available he's worth looking into.

Prospect: Anthony Duclair (ARI)

Another young kid in Arizona who is worth talking about. Playing on a line with Max Domi, Duclair has tallied 7 points in 11 games. Unfortunately, most of his success, Much like the entire team came at the very begining of the season. Still, at only 20 years old, Duclair has plenty of time to figure everything out. The Coyotes are still holding a playoff spot, although still early, look for Duclair to come back out of the shadows. This is a name not many people know, so if you need a guy who can score some points, grab this guy.

With the NHL season well underway, the competion is getting good. Montreal finally lost one and the Kings are looking like champs again. As we continue on the teams will be fliping standings left and right, and with that many valuble players will emerge as candidates for your fantasy team. Stay tuned for next week as we look into the next set of keepers, rookies, and prospects.