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MLB Playoff Odds: The Blue Jays are the favorites

Bovada published their 2015 MLB playoff odds yesterday…check out who Vegas thinks will win the World Series.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB playoff season is upon us and I am excited to see how the Dodgers will fare in this year's playoffs.

The folks at Bovada in Las Vegas have published their 2015 MLB playoffs and World Series odd. Check them out below.

Odds to Win the 2015 World Series

Toronto Blue Jays 3/1

Kansas City Royals 5/1

St. Louis Cardinals 5/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                6/1

New York Mets 7/1

Chicago Cubs 10/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 11/1

Texas Rangers 12/1

Houston Astros 14/1

New York Yankees 14/1

Pennant Odds

Odds to Win the AL Pennant

Toronto Blue Jays                     3/2

Kansas City Royals                   2/1

Texas Rangers                          11/2

Houston Astros                         7/1

New York Yankees                    7/1

Odds to Win the NL Pennant

St. Louis Cardinals                    2/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                3/1

New York Mets                          13/4

Chicago Cubs                           5/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      5/1

***Here's the direct link if you'd like to check them out: