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FanDuel GPP lineup. Trusting the Red Rifle!

Looking for a FanDuel GPP lineup? Don't worry Robert is giving you one of his own in search of big money.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Pondering that lineup you are going to submit for the big tournaments tomorrow? Don't worry that is normal. Until the games lock, you will always keep looking at what stacks, or different player combinations give you the best chance to win. To help you out if you are completely lost, I give you my GPP lineup for the big tournaments tomorrow. The order that I am writing about the guys below is the order in which I inserted them in my lineup.

Martellus Bennett $5,500:

This one goes back to my cash game article from yesterday. The Raiders haven't stopped a Tight End this year, and Bennett has historically been a better player then all of those guys.

Andy Dalton $7,600 and A.J. Green $8,400:

A lot has been written about the Chiefs seconday on this site this week. There is a good reason behind it, because when you see a defense that is looking awful defending the pass, you take advantage off it. Well how about I stack against the Chiefs then? Yeah that will be how I take advantage of this defense. As Andy Dalton has shown us this year, he can put up big numbers, and become a great Tournament play on FanDuel.

Karlos Williams $6,300:

His price is too good to pass on. Sure he will be highly owned, but you can't miss out on what could be one of the best games value wise. Scored in 3 consecutive weeks, and that is with him not being the starter. LeSean McCoy has been ruled out, so Williams becomes the starter. Love him at the value, and the matchup is great as well.

Arizona Cardinals Defense $5,000 and Mason Crosby $5,000

I didn't care what price the Cardinals defense was going to be, I just needed to get them going up against Nick Foles. The Matchup combined with the Cardinals playmakers on defense, and a TD and quite a few sacks could easily be on the horizon. I see the Packers being able to move the ball easily against the 49ers, so why not take the chance on the Packers either scoring a lot, or stalling in the 49ers end, leaving opportunities for field goals.

Cordarrelle Patterson $4,500:

Why couldn't the Dolphins play at a normal time this week? I wanted DeVante Parker in all of my tourney lineups, but because the Dolphins play in London, I can't do that for the big money games. Well I found myself a nice replacement at a cheaper salary, but just as much upside. Charles Johnson has already been ruled out, and Jarius Wright may not play as well. This inserts Patterson into the #2 WR role then on Sunday. If anyone can break a big play, it is Patterson. Maybe he returns a kickoff for a TD as well? Okay probably wishful thinking there, but I wouldn't be shocked to see a statline that included 5 receptions and 3-5 rushing attempts. Get him the ball in space, and see if he breaks something loose.

Julio Jones $9,400:

Well with the money I have saved up to this point, I might as well go with the #1 WR for the week in Julio Jones. Guy has been unbelievable so far, and that won't stop this week.

Matt Forte $8,300:

Well I had $8,300 left in salary, so Forte fits in perfectly. Add in a decent matchup against the Raiders, and it makes me feel better. Jeremy Hill ran for 2 TD's against the Raiders in week 1, and Forte has a good shot at doing that as well here.

Good luck in week 4 everyone, hopefully this is the lineup for myself and all of you to win with.