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NFL Week 8 Survivor and Pick'em

NFL Survivor and Pick'em Selections for Week 8.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Survivor Picks

Atlanta over Tampa Bay: Shanahan plus a home game over a sub average Bucs squad. 
Arizona over Cleveland: The defense is too good. Much like the Rams, Cleveland struggles.
Rams over 49ers: The 49ers rare flashes of brilliance are too far in between.

Week 7 Stats

Straight: 9 for 14 or 64%
Spread: 6 for 14 or 43%

Year to Date

Straight: 63%
Spread: 45%

Week 8

Detroit Lions @ Kansas City Chiefs (KC -5.5)
Straight: With it being in London takes away a commanding Chiefs Arrowhead advantage. Detroit wins overseas.
Spread: Detroit doubles their wins amongst a pitiful 1-6 spread record.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons (Atl -7.5)
Straight: Falcons play well at home. Atlanta.
Spread: Falcons are 4-3 at covering despite their 6-1 record. Tampa Bay with the points in the divisional matchup.

San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams (Stl -9.5)
Straight: Rams hold strong at home. Their defense is strong.
Spread: 49ers with the points. That's a big gap. The 49ers are slowly correcting the ship.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints (NO -3)
Straight: The Giants have the best turnover ratio in the league. Nothing lasts forever, this is where the Giants come back and Saints go back down.
Spread: Giants with the points.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (Even)
Straight: I feel that few people do - but I trust in the Vikings. They are going to capitalize on a weak division.
Spread: Vikings. Adrian Peterson rips off for 150 yards.

San Diego Chargers @ Baltimore Ravens (Bal -3)
Straight: Ravens are desperate. Chargers are coming across the country for this game.
Spread: It will be close - Chargers with the points.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Even)
Straight: Amped up Bengals vs. a hungry Steelers team who desperately needs to right the ship. Desperation leans towards Pittsburgh but the talent in Cincy is immense. Bengals.
Spread: Bengals.

Arizona Cardinals @ Cleveland Browns (Ari -4.5)
Straight: Cardinals. Cleveland QB's are showing small flashes. Cardinals D will stifle him.
Spread: Cardinals cover the four and a half  on the road with two turnovers.

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans (Push)
Straight: Houston is less bad? Marcus Mariota is out.
Spread: Texans at home. 

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders (NYJ -1)
Straight: Jets against a Raiders team showing a lot of promise. Chris Ivory is too strong on the run game.
Spread: Jets cover the single point.

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys (Sea -7)
Straight: Seattle might be turning a corner while Dallas is trying desperately to get healthy.
Spread: Dallas with the points as Dez Bryant makes a few big plays.

Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos (GB -3)
Straight: Green Bay is good, Denver is grasping at straws good. Packers.
Spread: Packers cover the 3 points behind TD throwing with Aaron Rodgers

Indianapolis Colts @ Carolina Panthers (Car -7.5)
Straight: I'm on the Carolina bandwagon  until they give reason not to be.
Spread: Colts plus 7.5 points on MNF after they were embarrassed last week and people are giving up on them. Yeah, Colts plus points.