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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 4

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for week 4.

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FanDuel: $2,000,000 Week 4 Fantasy Football League

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FanDuel/SB Nation $2,000,000 Fantasy Football League: Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of our FanDuel cash game advice. This is a week where we take advantage of salaries that are not rising as quickly as they should on a few guys. In addition to that, we also take advantage of a starting Running Back being hurt, giving his backup a full opportunity for touches. As with the past few weeks, there are a variety of lineups you can play with the guys I recommend. The variety comes with where you want to pay up for your studs, and where you want to find value options. Each way works, as in the end you are just looking at what gives you the best opportunity to get that end point total needed. There are many ways to get to that point, so playing a couple different lineups can help you get there, and not rely heavily on just one. Injuries happen in games, and if that happens early to one of the studs, you are stuck then. While the lineup I list at the bottom is the one I put the most money on in cash games, I do also have one or two other lineups as well to help hedge my bets against injuries, or surprisingly poor performances (I'm looking at you Jonathan Stewart from week 3).

I will give you a few options at positions, and then at the end say who I am going with for my main cash game lineup. Now let us jump into the picks. Players are listed by position, and then ordered by the ones I like most.


Aaron Rodgers (9,200) - The top option this week, and it isn't close. His play speaks for itself this season, and now you put him against the terrible 49ers defense. This creates just matchup gold for Aaron Rodgers. Even in the rainy conditions against the Chiefs last week, Rodgers was his usual dominant self. The only problem with Rodgers is trying to fit his salary in your lineup, but if you get creative, it is possible to have him and another stud. Just see below in my lineup.

Andy Dalton ($7,600) - While I don't think Dalton is the type of QB who can win you playoff games, that doesn't matter for DFS. This season is starting to look like his 2013 season, when he was a top 5 QB. Dalton is priced below all of the top option here, but will perform right with them (except for Rodgers), especially against the weak Chiefs secondary. If Rodgers can't fit into your budget, Dalton is a great alternative.

Tyrod Taylor ($7,600) - If you don't trust Dalton, Taylor costs the same, and I see them as almost interchangeable, but a very slight edge to Dalton.

Running Backs:

Karlos Williams ($6,300) - With LeSean McCoy ruled out this week, Karlos Williams finally gets his chance at starter carries. Not only has Williams been good so far, he is doing so with limited touches. Now that he can get a full compliment of touches, I see big numbers coming his way. He will make it 4 weeks in a row that he will rush for a TD, and get right around 100 yards to go with it.

Latavius Murray ($7,500) - A player who has been realizing his potential this season, and doing great things because of it. Recommended him last week, and all of that still applies here, except for a slightly worse matchup. The matchup might not even be as bad as we think as well with the fire sale going on in Chicago.

Darren Sproles ($6,000) - I made a comment on Sunday morning that Sproles was a great option when Murray was ruled out. Even with Murray likely to play this week, I still think Sproles is a safe play. The $6,000 salary is nice for a guy who is involved in the passing game, and also occasionally getting carries. I think Murray may have limited use this week, making the increased usage from week 3 still a possibility in week 4. Love him as a low cost option more than the other low cost receiving backs.

Wide Receiver:

Julio Jones ($9,400) -The top WR option so far this season. Even with a little bit of injuries this week, I am not worried in the slightest. Jones is a matchup proof option who will continue to double his salary for the foreseeable future.

Randall Cobb ($8,200) - The 49ers after a win in week one have struggled mightily ever since. Palmer and the Cardinals offense lit them up last week, and now it is Rodgers turn to pick them apart. Love Rodgers this week, so why wouldn't I love his top receiving option?

Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400) - I was surprised by Fitzgerald's salary when I saw it. I fully expected it to be $8,000 or more. Getting Fitzgerald at this price is almost a steal. Palmer has been reviving his career, getting him back into prime Fitzgerald form. Good matchup against the Rams and what the has done this year make him a great Cash Game play this week.

Amari Cooper ($7,200) - Another salary that was cheaper then I expected. Everything I said the WR ranks about Cooper still applies here. Bears are selling off there players, and Carr has been decent so far. Play him and look for some nice numbers in return.

Marvin Jones ($5,500) - Well I like Andy Dalton this week, so how about I recommend his number 2 target, who is also at a cheap salary. Jones is rounding into form, making him just an incredible option, and one that is the easiest way to cut some costs if needed.

Tight End:

Martellus Bennett ($5,500) - He was the first guy in my lineup, and really the only TE option this week. The Raiders are awful against the Tight End this year. So far it hasn't mattered if that TE is good or not, as evident by Barnidge's performance last week. Bennett already is a good TE option, and now putting him in the best matchup possible is just too good to pass up. I am not even considering another player this week.


Cardinals Defense ($5,000) - Yeah the Cardinals are just a great defense. Playing against Nick Foles and the rest of the mediocre Rams offense has great outing written all over it.

Eagles Defense ($4,500) - If you can't find the extra funds to get the Cards defense, the Eagles are a great alternative here. THey play against the Redskins, who haven't looked as terrible as expected, but still not good either. I know this may seem risky, but really Cousins is going to get sacked, and I don't see them putting up more than 17 points on the board here.


Josh Lambo ($4,500) - So my minimum priced kciker of the week goes to Josh Lambo. The Chargers were stymied by the Vikings, but get an easier mathcup against the Browns this week, resulting in points on the board.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Aaron Rodgers ($9,200)

RB: Karlos Williams ($6,300)

RB: Darren Sproles ($6,000)

WR: Julio Jones ($9,400)

WR: Larry Fitzgerald ($7,400)

WR: Amari Cooper ($7,200)

TE: Martellus Bennett ($5,500)

DEF: Philadelphia Eagles ($4,500)

Kicker: Josh Lambo ($4,500)