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7 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds for Week 8

Jacob Adler examines this week's top free agents in fantasy football.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Week 7 was a fun one. But also a unique one for this column's purposes, as only two of the players this week are here solely because of their Week 7 performance. The rest of the players below are here because of strong matchups this week. Best of luck this week!

Darren McFadden, Cowboys

With a season-high of 35 yards, Darren McFadden was not the player I expected to rush for 152 yards and a touchdown in Week 7. But Joseph Randle is injured, and the Christine Michael breakout never happened, so McFadden has clear RB2 value while he's healthy. The keyword here is healthy, as he is completely unreliable to stay on the field. Nonetheless, he's a must-add for those seeking short-term running back starters.

Stefon Diggs, Vikings

My top add last week, I'm recommending him again because he's still severely under-owned. He's apparently the only reason Teddy Bridgewater is good.

Danny Amendola, Patriots

In the last two weeks, Danny Amendola has 15 catches for 191 yards and a touchdown. While his upside is capped with the return of Brandon LaFell, Amendola has become a reliable target since Julian Edelman hurt his hand. With Miami this week and Washington the next, Amendola is a useful multi-week add.

Alfred Blue, Texans

Poor Arian Foster. He's one of many who is immensely talented but also prone to injury. His Achilles injury was partially due to the Texans keeping him in late in a blowout loss, but it's too late now. He's done for the year, opening the door for Alfred Blue to reach 20+ carries in weeks where the Texans provide a positive game script. Keep in mind he was one of the worst runners of 2014 according to numberFire's metrics, but a starting running back always has value.

Marvin Jones, Bengals

Coming off a bye and facing the Steelers, Jones is likely under-the-radar and with a great matchup. He's boom or bust, as evidenced by his two games where he failed to reach 20 yards receiving.

Stevie Johnson, Chargers

Remember Week 1 when everyone loved Stevie Johnson? Those feelings might return pending Johnson's health, as the Chargers draw the Ravens, one of this year's biggest punching bags in the passing game.

Vikings D/ST

It's not often that I recommend a defense here, but I like Minnesota's matchup with Chicago this week. The Vikings have allowed 23 points or fewer in every game this year, and haven't had to rely on touchdowns to consistently sustain reasonable value each week.