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Fantasy Basketball: Shooting Guard rankings

Top 25 2-guards for the 2015/16 Fantasy Basketball season...

Steph Curry is the best 2-guard in the NBA. Duh.
Steph Curry is the best 2-guard in the NBA. Duh.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I've been waxing poetic about the depth of NBA positions this season, but that all dies in a fiery plane crash at the 2-guard spot...

My condolences.

Stud muffins:

1. Stephen Curry

2. James Harden

If you're picking in the top 5, you can get one of them. If not, good luck...

I'm feeling you:

3. Kawhi Leonard

4. Jimmy Butler

5. Klay Thompson

Excellent players, and considering the steep drop off, a reach may be in order...

I thought you died:

6. Kyrie Irving

7. Paul George

Injuries ruin the game. Just ask these 2. Very difficult to rank...

You are not this good:

8. Victor Oladipo

9. Eric Bledsoe

These are excellent players, but a little higher than they should be. Oladipo and Bledsoe should not be Top 10 options.

Value section:

10. Gordon Hayward

11. Andrew Wiggins

12. DeMar DeRozan

Bold and underline this section.

Could go either way:

13. Reggie Jackson

14. Goran Dragic

Could cost you a pretty decent pick for a couple guys that are unpredictable.

Old guys do it better:

15. Kyle Korver

16. Trevor Ariza

17. Nicolas Batum

18. Monta Ellis

If you're not expecting spectacular results, there are some solid options in this section. Pretty cheap too...


19. George Hill

20. Dwyane Wade

21. Danny Green

22. Khris Middleton

George Hill & D Wade always miss lots of time. Danny Green & Middleton always get caught in the crossfires of weird rotations. Not highly recommended, but in a weak SG group, you could get stuck with them...

Deals deals deals:

23. Bradley Beal

24. JJ Redick

25. Wesley Matthews

These 3 guys should be super cheap - and all have Top 10 upside. Injury risk here, but also proven talent. If you can't get an elite option, late round fliers aren't a bad way to go...

Honourable mention:

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

Jordan Clarkson

Lou Williams

Mo Williams

Mario Hezonja

KCP can get buckets. Worth a target in the late rounds. Clarkson's situation is very uncertain with all the new faces on the Lakers, but the kid has talent. Lou Williams' numbers will depend on usage. Likely a bit overrated - due to his 6th man of the Year award. Mo Williams should beast until Kyrie comes back - and that could be a couple MONTHS of great stats... Hezonja likely won't do much, but he's exciting. Watch List him for sure...

Probably the weakest position in Fantasy this year, getting an elite SG early is recommended - in my humble opinion.

Do it.