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FanDuel GPP Lineup Week 7: Rob Gronkowski

Gronk has been quiet lately, too quiet almost. Along side Gronk, see who else Robert has in one of his GPP lineups for this week.

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FanDuel: $2,000,000 Week 7 Fantasy Football League

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Enter the $2,000,000 Week 7 Fantasy Football League

  • Starts Sunday 1pm ET, ends Monday
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FanDuel/SB Nation $2,000,000 Fantasy Football League: Week 7

Time to show you one of the GPP lineups I am playing this week. Some of these picks may be carryovers from the cash game picks I made earlier today, but that is because I loved the matchups they had so much I couldn't pass them up. We are looking for upside with these picks for the most part, as that is how you win big. The order that I am writing about the guys below is the order in which I inserted them in my lineup.

Ryan Fitzpatrick $7,100 and Brandon Marshall $8,200:

Starting off with the stack of the week for me. I mentioned Marshall in the cash game picks article, but let's talk about Fitzpatrick for a second. This price is pretty low for a starting QB, especially one who seems to play well against the Patriots. Maybe there is nothing to that, but part of me thinks that he knows how to throw against them. This is good news for both of my picks then, even if the Jets end up losing the game.

Rob Gronkowski $8,100:

Has been only good the last few week, a far cry from his usual Gronk like performances. It seems like it has been building up to some sort of huge performance. Well why can't that be this week? The Jets have done a great job stopping the TE this year, which should push Gronks ownership percentage down further then usual. I am not worried about the Jets defense against the TE position, as they haven't gone up against Gronk yet this year, as he defies all matchups.

Todd Gurley $7,400 and Latavius Murray $7,000:

Two more guys who were recommended in my cash game picks article. I just couldn't pass up these guys in a GPP format either. I am sure Gurley will be among the highest owned, and Murray well owned as well, but the matchups are so good they still warrant rostering for me in a GPP. Not much to say here other then I won't be shocked when they combine for close to 300 total yards and 3 or 4 TD's. That may seem ambitious, but they have the natural skills to obtain it.

Travis Coons $4,500:

Let's get my kicker out of the way now then. He is minimum priced, and the Browns offense has been moving the ball. Coons should have some opportunities for field goals in this game against the Rams, making him the best of the minimum priced guys.

Donte Moncrief $6,500:

A big play receiver who now has his QB fully healthy. The Saints have a bad defense, and one that can be beat deep by the right QB. Well Luck is one of the bets QB's in the NFL, and will find a way of getting the ball over the secondary again. Hilton is the safe play, but Moncrief is the upside play for this week, perfect for a GPP.

Brandin Cooks $6,700:

Why not for my final receiver spot go with a guy opposite of the last pick? I think this game could turn into a zero run game all throwing affair. Brees isn't the guy he once was, but he is still good enough to get the ball out to his receivers. Snead has been cutting into Cooks's production so far this season, but I think when it comes down to it, there is enough to go around. Cooks still has the most skills out of the receivers on the Saints roster, and will explode one of these games for 150 yards and 2 TD's. That could be this week, or it could be another dud from him. I don't think he will be too high of owned, further leading me into this pick.

Washington Redskins Defense $4,400:

I only had $4,500 left for my defense, leaving me with some bad choices. The Redskins I have deemed the best of those choices. They get to try and defend a rookie QB in Jameis Winston. If we know anything about rookie QB's, it is that they make mistakes. Sure the Redskins have a bad secondary, but I think the pass rush they have can cause some disruption. Again with this much left in my salary I have to try and go for some upside, but it could also leave me with only 1 or 2 points from them at the end of the day.