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FanDuel DFS Football Cash Game Picks For Week 7

Robert is back to give you his FanDuel Cash Game picks for week 7.

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FanDuel: $2,000,000 Week 7 Fantasy Football League

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Enter the $2,000,000 Week 7 Fantasy Football League

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FanDuel/SB Nation $2,000,000 Fantasy Football League: Week 7

Last week was another good one for my cash game picks. With Eddie Lacy being the only flop of last week, it still allowed the lineups to win in cash games. What I was looking for this week with my picks were great matchups. Once finding matchups that looked like could be exploited, I then found the players I trusted most in those games. While this has usually been my philosophy behind my picks most weeks, this week I saw the guys I will list below in too good of matchups, that I didn't put too much consideration in other players I usually do for this column. This means no Patriots this week, a first except for their bye week. I still think those guys are decent plays, but the other guys are going to be better values I feel like.

I will give you a few options at positions, and then at the end say who I am going with for my main cash game lineup. Now let us jump into the picks. Players are listed by position, and then ordered by the ones I like most.


Carson Palmer ($8,200) - Had Palmer listed last week, and well we are going back to him again this week. His matchup is as good as it can get against a vaunted Ravens secondary. With exception of Peyton Manning in week 1, and the game that Roethlisberger got hurt in, opposing QB's are averaging over 28 points per game. While Palmer may not reach that high of a number, it certainly isn't out of the question with his skills and receiving corps. Look for Palmer to go for over 300 yards and 3 TD's in this game.

Philip Rivers ($8,000) - If you don't want to go with Palmer, Rivers is a nice alternative for you. Again with exception of a Peyton Manning game, the Raiders have allowed 2 TD's, and at least 269 passing yards in every game so far this year. This is another safe play at QB, and with how the Chargers offense ran last week, it isn't out of the question for Rivers to throw the ball close to 50 times here. That will allow plenty of throws to pad his stats.

Running Backs:

Devonta Freeman ($8,700) - Can you really not consider him? Freeman is the first guy you have to think of every week with how he has been performing. While playing against the Titans may not seem like a good matchup, Lamar Miller just had a great game against them. Freeman is also looking like he will be matchup proof, garnering consideration each and every week. While the next two guys are probably better value plays for cash games this week, if you find that you have the cash to fit Freeman in, that is exactly what you should be doing.

Todd Gurley ($7,400) - A bye week won't slow this guy down. I was down on Gurley before the season because I didn't know how he would return after his knee injury at Georgia. Well I think he has proven that he has fully recovered and looks as good, if not better, than advertised. Gurley has put up two straight games of over 140 yards, but has yet to find the endzone. That will be changing this week when the Rams face the Browns. The Browns have been gashed by every opponent besides the Titans, and well that is because it was the Titans. Great game will be coming, and he is underpriced currently. Play him until his salary stats to reflect how good he actually is.

Latavius Murray ($7,000) - You couldn't ask for a better matchup if you were Latavius Murray. The Chargers have been the worst defense at trying to contain RB's this year. Murray has been able to play well when in a good matchup. I fully expect Murray to get back on track here, as the Chargers have allowed over 100 rushing yards to every opponent except the Lions. Factor in the Chargers also get beat by RB's who catch the ball, and Murray is setup in a perfect situation.

Wide Receivers:

Larry Fitzgerald ($7,900) - Not much to say about Fitzgerald anymore except he has a great matchup, and is Palmer's most trustworthy target. While he wasn't the receiver to own out of the Cardinal receivers, Fitzgerald will give you what you expect, around 100 yards and probably a TD. This week expect no less from Fitzgerald, as noted before the Ravens are terrible at stopping the pass.

Brandon Marshall ($8,200) - Another carryover from last weeks article, but Marshall needs to be here. The Patriots have been allowing teams to pass on them, as most teams are just trying to get back into games. While I do think this will be a close game, it seems as though Fitzpatrick would always have his best games against the Patriots. Maybe he knows how to dissect there defense, or maybe he justs throws the ball so much anyone would get the stats he does. Whatever the case is, Marshall has been the most consistent receiver this year, and needs to be considered for all cash game lineups.

Steve Smith Sr. ($6,900)  - Joe Flacco has been looking for one receiver, and one receiver only when he drops back. Steve Smith has been that guy, getting him plenty of volume. The Cardinals should have no problem scoring, putting the Ravens in must throw mode for most of the game. That is music to the ears of all Smith owners, and in cash games, that is exactly who you need to target on your team. Something along the lines of 8 receptions, 100 yards and a TD should be there for Smith.

T.Y. Hilton ($7,700) - Andrew Luck has finally returned everyone. Luck was fully healthy last week, and now we can go back to fully trusting his receiving options. This week we are taking advantage of a slip in salary for Hilton. The Saints defense isn't good, and Luck will be able to have his way with them. Hilton finally caught his first TD last week, and continued to put up solid yardage totals. This week expect something close to 90 yards and a TD.

Stefon Diggs ($5,800) - Diggs has emerged on the scene these last two weeks. I wrote about him in the WR rankings, and most of that applies to here as well. At such a cheap price, and the looks that he has been getting from Bridgewater, he makes his way into cash game consideration. The go-to-guy for you if you need to cut costs, as the Lions have been well the Lions on the defensive end.

Tight Ends:

Antonio Gates ($5,800) /Ladarius Green ($5,100) - If we can get clarification before the 1pm kickoff, you need to play the starting TE for the Chargers. We are going back to playing the TE against the Raiders. If we exclude the anomaly that was the Broncos, this defense has done a horrible of trying to defend the TE position. I need clarification though to feel comfortable starting one of these two guys though. I don't care which one it is really, just please let me know if Gates is playing or not.

Jason Witten ($5,600) - If we don't get that clarification on the Chargers TE position before lineups lock, I am turning to Witten. In the first week of the season Witten obliterated the Giants. Sure that was back when Romo was still his QB, but I feel good about Cassel getting the start. Cassel knows who his best option is, and will look for Witten early and often in the game. With how poorly the Cowboys have been running the ball, Witten may become the de facto run game.


Jason Lambo ($4,700) - Yes usually I put a minimum priced guy here, but this week I think the Chargers are going to have a scoring explosion. That makes Lambo my best value play for cash games. If you are looking for a minimum priced guy, I would go with Travis Coons.


Atlanta Falcons ($4,700) - No Mariota, and the offense has looked awful lately anyways. The Falcons have been able to play great against bad QB's, and I think Mettenberger falls into that distinguished class. The only defense for cash games I am considering, as a backup QB with a shaky past is too good to pass on.

My Cash Lineup:

QB: Carson Palmer $8,200

RB: Todd Gurley $7,400

RB: Latavius Murray $7,000

WR: Larry Fitzgerald $7,900

WR: T.Y. Hilton $7,700

WR: Steve Smith Sr. $6,900

TE: Jason Witten $5,600

Kicker: Josh Lambo $4,700

Defense: Atlanta Falcons $4,700