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NFL Week 7 Survivor and Pick'em

NFL Survivor and Pick'em Selections for Week 7

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Survivor Picks

83% YTD so far.
Cardinals over Ravens. Ravens are bad, it's legit. Cardinals come back hungry after the loss.
Falcons over Titans - They struggle on the road and their defense is bad but...Tennessee is very bad. I trust in Kyle Shanahan and thefore the Falcons offense.
Colts over Saints - The Saints won last week but Luck is good at home. They will come out ready to prove the bad play last week was a one time thing.

Week 6 Results: (Baaaad spread week)
Straight: 8/14 (57%)
Spread: 6/14 (43%)

Straight: 63%
Spread: 46%

Week 7 picks

Cleveland Browns @ St. Louis Rams (Stl -5.5)
Straight: Rams
Spread: Browns with points, they cover it most of the time..and then lose at the end.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots (NE -10)
Straight: Patriots, they step it up against the Jets.
Spread: Jets will keep this close they are good this season. Jets have covered in 4 of their 5 games. Jets with the points.

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Buff -7)
Straight: Buffalo doesn't struggle on the road...they thrive.
Spread: Jacksonville has lost 4 of their 5 losses by 7 or more. Bills cover the points.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins (Wash -3)
Straight: Buccaneers off a bye week will air it out to Mike Evans and his healthier hamstring.
Spread: Buccaneers with the points.

Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans (Atl -4)
Straight: Falcons win over a Titans with a banged up Mariota.
Spread: Prior to last weeks loss, they won three straight by over 4. They aren't the best on the road but Tennessee is in such disarray I say Atlanta covers.

New Orleans Saints @ Indianapolis Colts (Ind -4.5)
Straight: Saints got their win last week, Colts come back competent and strong at home.
Spread: Colts should cover on a strong bounce back week. They play strong at home.

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions (Min -2.5)
Straight: Stafford is rejuvenated. Lions. Divisional matchup, Vikings are struggling offensively - Lions win their 2nd game this year.
Spread: Lions with the points.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs (Push)
Straight: Steelers behind either Landry or Big Ben look strong.
Spread: Steelers are 5-0 this season on the spread. 

Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins (Mia -4)
Straight: I'm going to lean on the rejuvenated Miami Dolphins as more than a one week happenstance. Dolphins.
Spread: All of Houstons losses have been more than 4 points. All of Miami's wins have been over 4 points. I'm going all in here. Miami covers the points.

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers (SD -4)
Straight: Oakland will utilize Latavius Murray against the porous Chargers rush defense. Raiders.
Spread: Raiders haven't lost by more than 4 points since week 1 to Cincy. They aren't traveling cross country. Raiders with the points.

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants (NYG -3)
Straight: Rough loss on Monday night, Coughlin will have this team (hopefully healthier) coming out ramped up. Giants.
Spread: Cowboys with the points. Dez is back.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers (Car -3)
Straight: I have a hunch this is going to haunt me but I'm on the Carolina train. Panthers win!
Spread: 4 out of 5 of their wins have come by over 3 points. Carolina covers the points.

Baltimore Ravens @ Arizona Cardinals (Ari - 9)
Straight: Cardinals come back strong after a rough loss.
Spread: The Ravens are barely losing these games. They lost their 5 games by an average of 4 points. Ravens with the points.