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Fantasy Basketball: Point Guard Rankings

Top 25 point guards in the NBA from a Fantasy perspective for 2015/16...

How high should you rank Kyrie Irving this year? He's out until January...
How high should you rank Kyrie Irving this year? He's out until January...
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The PG class is deep, but the longer you wait, the more risk...

Let's begin.

The studs:
1. Stephen Curry
2. Chris Paul
3. Russell Westbrook
4. Damian Lillard

All brilliant, and all will cost a first round pick.

Flawed superstars:
5. John Wall
6. Kyle Lowry
7. Kyrie Irving

Wall shoots few 3s and is career 43% from the field. Lowry is either the MVP candidate from last year's first half, or a bottom feeder from last year's second half. Kyrie is a stud, but out until January...

Good value:
8. Mike Conley
9. Victor Oladipo
10. Eric Bledsoe
11. Jeff Teague
12. Brandon Knight

Best value in this section. Good, proven players in good situations.

Question marks:
13. Reggie Jackson
14. Kemba Walker
15. Dragic
16. Monta Ellis
17. George Hill

Reggie has immense upside, but is unproven. Kemba is a perpetual injury risk. Dragic is not as good as his career year in Phoenix. Monta is getting very old... George Hill is fragile.

Hard to rank:
18. Elfrid Payton
19. Ricky Rubio
20. Dwyane Wade
21. Ty Lawson

Elfrid could break out, or be a sub-40% shooter from the field. Rubio could get squeezed out of a rotation of young studs. D-Wade could miss a lot of time this season. Lawson's usage situation is highly uncertain.

Could go either way:

22. Michael Carter-Williams
23. Jrue Holiday
24. Isaiah Thomas
25. Deron Williams

Michael Carter-Williams is enigmatic, but gets lots of counting stats. Jrue's health is the biggest question. Thomas is in a PG battle with Marcus Smart that will likely last all season. D-Will may just be done...

Honourable mention:
D'Angelo Russell
C.J. McCollum
Emmanuel Mudiay
Rajon Rondo
Jose Calderon

D'Angelo Russell has immense upside as the #2 overall pick on a Lakers squad devoted to the future. McCollum has a good situation, but no track record. Mudiay is intriguing, but very enigmatic. Rondo could repeat flashes of his brilliant past, or retire prematurely. Jose Calderon could still be the most underrated PG in the league - or he could be on his way out the door...

Lots of good options, but balancing potential with risk is the game here... Good luck.