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Fantasy Football Week 7 Defensive Ranks

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The top scoring defense, the Denver Broncos, will probably be on your bench this week, because surely you are not dropping them to make room for another defense while Denver takes its bye week. In Yahoo standard leagues they have 103 total points. Next best? The Green Bay Packers, who are also on a bye, at 63. They have run away with the lead and we are only halfway through the season. The best part is that at the start of the year, the hype surrounding defenses in terms of fantasy existed in Seattle, Miami, Houston, St. Louis, Buffalo, and New York. The Broncos were probably ranked behind all those teams, which just which just adds to the ongoing list of reasons for why you don't need to be the first person to take a defense in the draft. With all the changes that happen in the offseason in terms of coaches and player personnel, and potential injuries during the season, it's too hard to predict which defense will be the best. You can take an educated guess, but keep in mind, there is a good chance you're wrong. That's how the game goes.

With defenses like the Broncos, Packers, and Bengals on a bye week, you should be keeping an eye out for those free agent defenses in your league. Here are some sleepers that could be available.

Sleeper Picks

1) Pittsburgh Steelers

They have recorded at least one sack, interception, and fumble recovery in their last three games, and have scored double digit fantasy points in three of their last four. They face a Chiefs team that lost their star player for the season. Alex Smith is a veteran quarterback, but he doesn't take enough chances down the field. Top wide receiving option Jeremy Maclin is also questionable after suffering a concussion in the last game.

2) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins defense had a break out week against Tennessee, recording six sacks, two interceptions, and a touchdown. That type of performance is exactly how they were projected to play this season. Pressure the quarterback and force them into making bad decisions with the ball. The team is also fairly healthy. Corner backs Brent Grimes and Brice McCain are questionable for Sunday but thats it. Houston does not have the most explosive offense, and if they can pressure Brian Hoyer into making mistakes, it could be another double digit point week.

3) Washington Redskins

They have been playing solid defense all year and as usual, we like to take advantage of a rookie quarterback. Jameis Winston has thrown interceptions in more than half of his teams games, and the Redskins defense scored 13 points last week, despite giving up 34 points to the Jets.

Rank Team Opponent
6 Miami Dolphins
7 Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs
9 Washington Redskins
12 Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers
13 New York Jets
14 Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins
15 Kansas City Chiefs Pittsburgh Steelers
16 New York Jets at New England Patriots
17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins
18 Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills
20 Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
21 Cleveland Browns at St. Louis Rams
22 Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
23 Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals
25 San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks
26 Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers
27 Tennessee Titans Atlanta Falcons
28 New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts