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Week 6 FanDuel GPP Lineup by @NFLClark

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, last week was finally a good one for me. Hoping to carry that momentum over to week 6. I'll break down my favorite GPP lineup below.


Eli Manning - $6,800

I'm counting on the Giants VS Eagles matchup to be high-flying. I think both defenses are suspect, and both offenses are starting to hit their stride. Eli's price is right this week, so I'll save a few bucks at QB and keep that upside potential.

Running Back

Eddie Lacy - $6,300

Lacy has had an excruciatingly slow start to the season, and I am banking on this matchup against the San Diego Chargers to spark the big year I still think he'll have. If Lacy doesn't do it against the Chargers, I'll have to seriously reconsider him, moving forward.

Danny Woodhead - $4,700

I'm thinking the Chargers will be chasing points against the Packers, and I am hoping that all the Melvin Gordon love from last week is out of the Chargers' system. Woodhead's price is right, and I need some salary relief to squeeze in the receivers I want this week.

Wide Receiver

Julian Edelman - $7,600

He's consistent, and the Patriots have a great track record of beating the Colts mercilessly. Edelman may be a bit chalky, but he's consistent too. I like him for $7,600 this week.

DeAndre Hopkins - $7,700

Hopkins has been a beast all year, and the Texans travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jags this week. I'm hoping to get another strong performance out of Hopkins this week.

Jarvis Landry - $6,200

Landry and Dolphins will be a big mystery coming off their bye, and the firing of their head coach. This could scare a lot of potential owners away, and garner some nice points at a nice price from Landry.

Tight End

Larry Donnell - $2,800

This was an unintentional stack with Eli. Donnell is dirt cheap, and again, I think the Giants and Eagles are going to score a lot of points. A couple nice catches could pay off Donnell's cheap price pretty easily.


Eric Decker - $4,900

Decker has been producing in the games which he has played. I don't see that changing this week as the Jets take on Washington. The weak Washington secondary could spell a big day for Decker.


Cincinnati Bengals - $3,000

The Bengals may be facing EJ Manuel this week. That's it. That is all the analysis.

Good luck out there friends!